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  • This large carpet in Sardinian wool featuring the juxtaposition of numerous bright colors draws inspiration from the fressade, blankets of the textile tradition of Nule, renowned for the wide range of colors and geometric patterns.

  • The central decoration of the lapwings, a personal interpretation of the ancient symbol of Sardinian traditional iconography, is realised using the sgraffito technique on the white glazed surface of this large and spectacular ceramic plate, thus revealing the warm terracotta colour.

  • The prized and archaic form of the ring-shaped amphora is revisited with minimal and contemporary lines in white, grey, and black graphics.

  • This distinctive traditional wedding chest made of chestnut wood with solid lines and finely carved decorations, is designed as an elegant container in refined natural colours.

  • This hand-made jack knife features a classic myrtle leaf shape. The artefact is characterized by a pecurial mutton-horn handle embellished with an engraved brass guard.