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  • Elegant and capacious, this practical bag meets everyday needs with exclusive taste, thanks to its versatility to hold a tablet or a laptop easily. Handcrafted, it can be used as a handbag or as a bag with a shoulder strap, and it has a small practical bag inside.

  • This large carpet in Sardinian wool featuring the juxtaposition of numerous bright colors draws inspiration from the fressade, blankets of the textile tradition of Nule, renowned for the wide range of colors and geometric patterns.

  • The distinctive Sardinian traditional wedding chest, inspired by the solid and refined lines with intaglio decorations, is reinterpreted in a white-coated chest embellished with precious golden decoration.

  • Precious gold bracelet with rose quartz and aquamarine. The design of the artefact, hand-made using flat section wire, features barely outlined bezels and it underlines the chromaticism and shine of its stones, almost in the rough, bestowing a light and sophisticated effect.

  • Featuring an intaglio decoration of a rose on the back, these chairs are inspired by Sardinian tradition and ara available in two fine versions. Designed as precious table chairs, they are handmade in individual pieces using cedar wood with a fine seat intertwined by hand.