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  • The particular shape of the large oval plate shows the stylized lapwing pattern with the tree of life, centered with elegant symmetry and decorated with more shades of blue on a white field. The handcrafted plate can match other items for tableware and table decoration.

  • With prized essential lines, the gold earrings of the Modus Auri line stand out for their aesthetics that combine the filigree crafting technique, performed in an innovative experimental manner, with the fine dangling links enriched with small semi-precious stones.

  • The Stella della Sartiglia, a symbol of good luck, is part of the traditional Carnival of Oristano. It is embellished by the glazed ceramic pendant shaped and hand-decorated with extreme care.

  • Rhombus modules taken from an ancient design reinterpreted according to the distinctive style of the Su Trobasciu workshop are woven into the elegant geometric composition of this carpet in natural white Sardinian wool with the semipieno (half bodied) pibiones relief te

  • 750 yellow gold choker, a brilliant cut diamond bezel mounted on a gold sheet. The manufacturing of the pendant is rather peculiar, since it is shaped in the form of a vine leaf, open-work and hand-engraved, on which a small diamond is mounted symbolizing a drop of dew.