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  • The fine lines of the Canistedda pendant reproduce sophisticated evocations of local traditional baskets in the intertwined circular shape, rendered by skilfully crafting filigree according to a novel interpretation of elegant contemporary taste.

  • Original and distinctive, this small handbag in cork fabric is decorated with fine embroidery depicting stylised vine shoots in black and silver. Handcrafted, it can be used as a clutch-bag or with a thin shoulder strap, and it comes in a number of decorative and chromatic variations.

  • Finely decorated with an embroidered motif in curly gold thread, smooth silver thread, pearls and crystals, wisely used and combined for a different effect of brightness and colour.

  • This linen towel is decorated with a delicate embroidery featuring cross-stitched initials made with many-coloured threads. The shorter sides are embellished by a crochet lace.

  • The fine tibet wool shawl has a harmonious floral motif and refined colours, a free interpretation of the traditional local designs by this craftswoman. Entirely handcrafted with silk embroidery technique.