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  • This refined decorative panel revisits abstract geometries inspired by Mondrian using traditional orbace, woollen fabric that more than any other represents the regional textile identity.

  • New line of silver filigree and quartz pendants inspired by the traditional motifs, enhanced through a contemporary style featuring plastic elements. The line comprises both pendants and earrings.

  • The stylised figures of dogs sniffing one another stage encounters, arranged so as to acknowledge their respective roles. Manually shaped one at a time in glazed ceramic and matte black, their original lines represent the distinctive trait of this handicraft workshop.

  • The elegant elongated shapes of this glass tray are finely decorated with mosaic technique inspired by the works of the Spanish artist Antoni Gaudi, in a symbolic representation of the sign of Pisces. It is masterly crafted using the fused glass technique.

  • The Bottoni  collection is part of the Amore sardo Amor profano project, a ceramic jewellery collection inspired by the island's goldsmith's tradition.