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  • This set of cotton and linen towels is embellished with balanced and refined striped motifs and half-stars, inspired by the textile iconography of Sardinia tradition. Made with neautral shades with the local a pibiones technique, they are refined with a hemstitch.

  • The bowl is part of a collection of objects inspired by traditional embroidery and weaving, the result of deeply rooted knowledge and behaviours.

  • The simple lines of the chair, inspired by the traditional “campidanese” model, are enhanced by the elegant intaglio decoration highlighted by the white paint. It is hand-crafted using chestnut wood; each piece is decorated using the intaglio technique.

  • The essential cylindrical vessel acquires particular significance thanks to the material use of glazing, skilfully crafted into a natural charming objet d'art, through the strong color contrasts of lava red, teal and gold.

  • The traditional lapwing decoration reinterpreted in light colors, characterizes the simple lines of the headboard with elegant and harmonious taste.