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  • The irregular shape and the careful and imaginative mosaic decoration of this artistic centerpiece are the result of a process of abstraction of the corbula, a traditional basket created and characterized by the inclusion of a circular fabric gusset at the bottom.

  • The wave-like winding geometric figures and sophisticated warm colours characterize the large rug with a modern design. Made of Sardinia wool following the "piana" weaving technique, it is available in different sizes, suitable for several different rooms.

  • Sardinian cotton and wool tapestry decorated with motifs inspired by local traditions and history.

  • A precious silver wire draws the silhouette, colourful fabrics define the object. Dresses that seem designed to fit small paper dolls, hanging on a thread to dry or ready to be put back into a tiny closet. They evoke the funny toy-dolls, charming in their simple originality. You will immediately

  • This statue of a goat is the first of a series of animal figures dedicated to the island wildlife. This small object of affection is made with the Naked Raku technique, which gives the piece of work a contemporary and original visual profile.