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  • The distinctive Sardinian traditional wedding chest, inspired by the solid and refined lines with intaglio decorations, is reinterpreted in a white-coated chest embellished with precious golden decoration.

  • Sheets of clay as thin as eggshells form the organic shapes of this fine glazed ceramic white centrepiece that bears the prized inscription engraved with a slanting and deliberate, almost illegible trait.

  • It is inspired by the old copper pan used by hunters on the grill to slow-cook food; su prattu de cassa consists of two overlapping portions which are firmly connected to maintain and enhance the flavors during cooking.

  • The large glass platter shows the dynamism of the Island's sea with its transparencies and shades recalling the seabed, with imaginative arrangements of bubbles, seaweeds and corals. It is part of the prime collection of the workshop, reinvented over time with furnishings of different uses.

  • Animali sonanti, a set of metal hand-made rattles, features an evocative design that puts together the sound of metal cowbells and the minimal shapes of animals.