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  • This wedding chest typical of the tradition of Barbagia and Mandrolisai is skilfully crafted reproducing the classical aesthetics in the refined carved decorations.

  • The complex surface, executed with technical experimentation, is inspired by a lunar landscape. Blue Moon is a sculptural plate, handcrafted made by glazed ceramic in vibrant blue shade.

  • Traditional-type pendant, made with a fretworked and engraved gold plate, decorated with filigree precious elements. The garnet mounted on the central bezel is embellished with delicate tiny seed-pearls.

  • This elegant jack knife has an elongated myrtle leaf-shaped blade, typical of the well-known traditional Sardinian Pattadese knife, a spring handle and grips in light ram horn crafted so as to enhance the original grain, and is secured with nails and an engraved brass ring joint.

  • This large hand-forged metal picture, finely painted in black and gold, places the sun in the centre.