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  • This small frontal flap-opening chest elegantly synthesises the shapes and fine carving of the traditional wedding chest. Made of seasoned chestnut wood with natural colour and finishes, it can be customised to in size and decoration.

  • This large handbag, which reinterprets prized manufactures of the past with an original contemporary touch, brings together different epochs and places.

  • These elegant linen cushions have original decorative compositions designed by this weaver using the loom according to the pibiones relief technique and drawn cloth effects in fine chromatic combinations.

  • The outstanding pendant Sa Gioia, characteristic of the traditional women’s costume of southern Sardinia, is inspired by an original photo dating back to the early 1900s.

  • These heart-shaped silver earrings feature relief effects rendered with contrasting polished and satin parts that revisit the local filigree using contemporary technique and style. Handcrafted, they are originally designed by this goldsmith.