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  • This decorative lathe-made hand-shaped object is part of a collection inspired by the marine world, and it is designed as a base of a lamp in different versions and colours, embellished by pure gold decorations.

  • This jack knife features a exquisitely refined single-piece handle and a bay leaf-shaped blade, made of stainless steel. The handle is made of mutton horn and a hand-chamfered nickel silver ring. The piece is inspired  by an in-depth study of local nature and fauna.

  • Dedicated to Autumn, Attunzu, this glass tray evokes in its modular geometric composition the typical carpets of the local textile tradition.

  • Classic and elegant, these Pavoncella (lapwing) line plates revive the symbol of local tradition, originally brush-enamelled with a fine satin finish. Handcrafted in engraved and paint brush-decorated ceramic, these plates are part of a well-assorted line of coordinated tableware.

  • This material decorative object is shaped in the form of a stylised wild boad, a common subject of the traditional iconography of Sardinia.