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  • The prized circular and engraved shapes of this pendant in glazed ceramic with fine shaded colours with touches of light in gold and platinum, echo the charismatic figure of the Nuragic pintadera, an archaic well-wishing seal for bread, and in particular of the pintadera Chevron

  • Gold filigree ring. The filigree is shaped into light and unusual forms, a sublime synthesis of the past and the present, intuition and skill, excellence and innovation, technique and passion. Design by Adriana Delogu. September 2005

  • Circular doily with large petals skilfully embroidered according to fine techniques mastered by this craftswoman also on a wide range of dowry artefacts. 

  • Perfect shapes and thermal contrasts of material surfaces for these metal boxes, featuring a cork lid, made with an essential and skillful touch.

  • This fine pendant features the light figure of a spider in white gold thread with a sapphire and diamond bezel. The technique of Valenza and expert craftsmanship are combined in the creation of this unique piece.