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  • The fine circular frame of this silver ring in relief work evocative of filigree holds a fragment of brocade, a fine reference to the local traditional costumes for women. It is part of the Telarzu line inspired by and dedicated to loom weaving.

  • The fine tibet wool shawl has a harmonious floral motif and refined colours, a free interpretation of the traditional local designs by this craftswoman. Entirely handcrafted with silk embroidery technique.

  • Silver Sardinian bronze statuettes dedicated to archers.

  • Original and sculpture-like, this lamp with a light glass flower in charming vibrant colours is inspired by the nature of the island, of which it evokes the natural blowing of the wind in the curved iron stem on a recycled juniper base.

  • The sophisticated neutral shades of grey and white characterise these sophisticated linen cushions with relief decorations crafted by hand according to the semipieno (half bodied) pibiones technique.