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  • The good luck symbolism of this bead necklace, including a pendant, is featured on a hand-crafted glazed ceramic surface, embellished with mother-of-pearl and a 12% sparkle-gold decoration.

  • Inspired in design by the Sardinian goldsmith tradition, these fine filigree earrings are made with technical virtuosity, with impressive handcrafted turquoise bezels.

  • The elegant cuff bracelet with a large silver mesh structure and onyx stone, belongs to the line of jewelry called Is stellas that reinterprets in a contemporary way the traditional gancera, an element of the traditional female Sardinian garments.

  • In this stylish handbag entirely hand-made and designed as a unique piece, the simple geometric motifs and black and white stars taken from tradition are finely combined. This capacious model with a shoulder strap is practical and ideal for everyday use.

  • The sinuous red and black female figure of the precious jewel su kokku is an expression of the rich traditional costume used for special-occasions. Being entirely hand-shaped, it comes in different forms and sizes, making each creation unique.