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  • This pattadese jack knife is reinforced with an inner core and features a straight stainless steel blade; it is traditionally used in pastoral and contexts, its handle being made of a mutton horn and a chamfered nickel silver or brass ring.

  • The fine handcrafted jewelry has the value of an ancient object, carrying the initials engraved on it. It is part of the line called Is stellas that reinterprets in a contemporary way the traditional gangera mesh, an element of the traditional woman Sardinian costume.

  • The solid and elegant intaglio décor characterise the hand-crafted table chair, reinterpreting the elements of the local tradition. This high-quality product, hand-crafted and decorated chestnut wood in one piece, is available in several colors, finishings and decorations.

  • The cylindrical vases featuring camber and calibrated geometric decorations, are lathe-made and decorated manually. As precious as ancient majolica, featuring a new style linear design, they are available in various colours.

  • This engraved hand-decorated steel object is inspired by the traditional motif of su puzone, the bird. The pattern is a traditionally used on the burra, the typical blanket of the village of Sarule, that the workshop adds to a number of pieces.