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  • La delicata composizione geometrica con moduli stellati in cromie neutre è realizzata su telaio manuale con preziosi filati di lino e tecnica a rilievo chiamata localmente a beltighitta, più generalmente conosciuta come pibiones.

  • This linen towel is decorated with a delicate embroidery featuring cross-stitched initials made with many-coloured threads. The shorter sides are embellished by a crochet lace.

  • The starry embossed or fretwork flower motifs feature large skimmers which are highly functional and decorative, made of copper. The lines and the finishing being inspired by the tradition of Isili, with master craftsmanship, are proposed as everyday tools of high aesthetic value.

  • This fine linen table runner is hand-painted with watercolour shades, featuring drawn threads and several silk strips. The choice of colours is inspired by traditional Sardinian combinations.

  • This mask in painted hide finished with a special strap so that it can be worn depicts the fox, a mysterious animal of sophisticated appeal and elegance. Finely handcrafted, it is shaped on a wooden mould with procedures personalised by this craftsman.