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  • This original silver pendant recalls with its parallel lines the concept of weaving, interpreted with an eloquently synthetic graphic trait. Handcrafted, it can be worn with a matching ring and earrings.

  • This elegant cushion in white cotton which reinterprets the traditional pibiones technique in a fine contemporary key has a prized decoration consisting of triangles arranged in bands. Handcrafted, it can be combined with other coordinated textile furnishing elements.

  • The playful use of colours, in its many captivating chromatic variations, characterises these terracotta dishes that revisit the typical pottery of local tradition with simple shapes.

  • This elegant large woollen carpet features sophisticated decorations of stylised birds with long-feathered tails, skilfully crafted with wisely chosen colour combinations.

  • The decoration of this fine pendant in glazed ceramic in vibrant light blue with touches of third-firing lustre, reinterprets the charismatic figure of the Nuragic pintadera, an archaic well-wishing seal for bread.