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Renato Bugiotti

  • The intense and calibrated material association binds together the three elements chosen to symbolize the very core of nature. The oleaster root merges with the marble of Orosei through the same fluid form, reinforced by steel.

  • The perfect liquid form of the drop is revived in this original sculpture using Orosei marble combined with mirror-polished steel wire band, both crafted with an evocative plastic solution.

  • Thin waves of forged steel rise from the granite sphere, symbol of a living planet that grows like a tree in symbiosis with the entire planet. Sculpture in Orosei granite and hand-forged steel.

  • The organic lines of the wild olive burl are sculpted so as to form the outline of the Island, from the depths of which light drops emerge, worked in plastic form in mirror-polished steel, so as to symbolise life with its sorrow and joy.

  • The steel serpent winds around the fluid form of the drop, the symbolic translation of "original sin" that combines the concept and the aesthetic form.

The artisan

Renato Bugiotti explores the charm of materials; the artist and metalsmith is an artisan skilled in the production of art objects, rich in charisma. Born in Fossombrone, in the province of Pesaro e Urbino, he moved to Sardinia in the Centre of Orosei at the age of two; Renato cares and develops the personal artistic sensitivity, learning and refining a number of techniques. He makes objects of different shapes, colours and surfaces, involving the use of all senses: steel, worked and shaped, is put together with other durable materials. They are objects designed to blend into the environment, to match furnishings, inspired by a precious uniqueness and Renato exhibits his work at exhibitions and fairs.

The collection

The production essentially consists of artistic objects made of different materials capable of giving style to furnishing and living spaces in different contexts. The theme mainly studies is the drop, a shape that Renato crafts with sinuous contrast between the perceptions of fluid and solid matter.

The technique

The objects combine hand-forged steel, enriched with details of mirror-polished finish, with wood and stone carved and finished by hand.

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Where to find them

Renato Bugiotti Zona Artigianale Loc. "Sas Mancas" 08028 Orosei (NU)


Telefono: +39 0784443981

Sito web: