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Hand-Woven Fabrics

  • This fine linen tablecloth features a precious weave decorated with Renaissance and "punti in aria" lace butterfly motifs.

  • This cotton and wool hand-made tapestry is decorated with a relief a pibiones weave featuring black peacocks, ceramic elements and asphodels. The background, made on a traditional loom, has a linear design, typical of traditional dough cloths.

  • As exquisite as a painting, this refined silk scarf with small leaf motifs is made with exclusive eco-printing technique, by printing local leaves and shrubs directly onto the fabric.

  • Brocade clutch bag with moulage embroidery in three different kinds of lace, smooth silver bullion, curly gold thread, pearls and crystals. Made entirely by hand as a unique item, this accessory can be customised according to individual inspirations.

  • Elegant and original, this cushion in black cotton is decorated with the stylised lapwing, shaped in cork fabric and embroidered onto the cushion, which is drawn from the local decorative tradition with contemporary synthesis of striking aesthetic value.

Il settore

The handicraft production based on the valorisation of textiles is robust, distinctive and successful, connected to the use of traditional weaves featuring beautiful embroideries or decorative and pictorial elements.

Aimed at crafting functional and decorative artefacts to be exhibited and worn, it reinterprets tradition with impressive stylistic solutions, evocative and contemporary at the same time. Traditional themes and symbols intertwine and are investigated and explored.


Precious fabrics transform, traditional forms acquire new functions, embroidery techniques open up to new possibilities, turning into workshop-specific crafting techniques and distinctive features. The result is a production of unique and charismatic objects, one's privilege to possess.