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Hand-Woven Fabrics

  • Elegant yet playful, this necklace made up of brightly coloured polychrome circles of fabric and buttons of different shapes and sizes is done up by means of long black silk voile ribbons.

  • This fine elegant stole in pure black silk has exquisite floral embroidery and refined and colours, a free interpretation of the traditional local motifs by this craftswoman. Entirely handcrafted with silk embroidery technique.

  • This textile necklace is made out of a small semi-worked cotton bundle, with a precious silver pendant consisting of a single traditional button. This combination of traditional and contemporary styles provides an original interpretation of ancient themes with an innovative approach.

  • This original reversible stole is characterised by an innovative use of fabrics of the local tradition by combining the black and white geometric motifs taken from the weaving of the saddlebags with the silk damask with floral motifs typical of traditional costumes.

  • This original mantle, made with four embroidered layers of cloth, elegantly reinterprets elements of the traditional embroidery of Oliena and the elegant pleating of the costume of Sennori.

Il settore

The handicraft production based on the valorisation of textiles is robust, distinctive and successful, connected to the use of traditional weaves featuring beautiful embroideries or decorative and pictorial elements.

Aimed at crafting functional and decorative artefacts to be exhibited and worn, it reinterprets tradition with impressive stylistic solutions, evocative and contemporary at the same time. Traditional themes and symbols intertwine and are investigated and explored.


Precious fabrics transform, traditional forms acquire new functions, embroidery techniques open up to new possibilities, turning into workshop-specific crafting techniques and distinctive features. The result is a production of unique and charismatic objects, one's privilege to possess.