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  • This glass plate decorated with mosaic motifs and evocative chromatic effects, is crafted with a glass fusion technique, through complex and detailed procedures; it is the result of a combination of innovative taste and skilled craftsmanship.

  • This glass plate is hand-made by following the glass fusion technique, with pure gold decorations. The object is part of the Pavoncelle collection that includes a centrepiece, lamps, plates, bowls and various decorative objects.

  • The square-shaped large plate, reinterpreted in its decoration, depicts the creation, Mother Earth, a symbolic value that the artisan strengthens skilfully with the use of vibrating colors juxtaposed to transparent surfaces.

  • The elegant elongated shapes of this glass tray are finely decorated with mosaic technique inspired by the works of the Spanish artist Antoni Gaudi, in a symbolic representation of the sign of Pisces. It is masterly crafted using the fused glass technique.

  • This satinized black glass bowl is decorate with contrasting shades of red, orange, and light blue. Made with the glass fusion technique, it is decorated with glass powder, frits of different colour and granulometry.

Il settore

The crafting of glass in Sardinia is a new sector, with a deeply experimental and artistic character, applied particularly to functional furniture accessories, home decoration, architecture and house settings in general.


Productions feature elements typical of each individual designers or craftsman. Featuring combinations of technical research, contemporary identity and new expressive designs, glass products are the result of a lucky combination of innovation and craftsmanship.


Exclusive productions, flexible and customizable, are the appropriate response to different demands, ranging from a single object to coordinated large scale collections, all characterized by accurate technical skills.