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  • Inspired by the fine shawls of Oliena, this refined black silk shawl is characterised by the unusual and original technique used to craft the fabric as a carving, a technical and stylistic hallmark of this atelier.

  • This refined multifunctional piece in Sardinian chestnut wood is meticulously handcrafted so as to enhance the natural features of the wood, which is combined with the fine interweaving of hemp ropes made exclusively by hand.

  • These decorative plates and trays in painted iron, with geometric and essential shapes, are decorated with stars and suns taken from the weaving iconography of Sarule. They are part of the line of Tessili (textile) plates, ever-changing in their original shapes and decorations.

  • Fenicottero is a hand-crafted wood toy featuring a playful and expressive visual design, created by an imaginative and sensitive artist.

  • This refined headboard made of handcrafted cotton reproduces the traditional floral and diamond pattern, su pistoccu, elegantly combining bordeaux and white and using the a pibiones relief technique.