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  • Precious and unique large mesh necklace with alternating pearls and onyx as the central element of the pendant. It is part of the line of jewelry that reinterprets in a contemporary way the traditional gancera, an element of the traditional woman Sardinian costume.

  • These metal decorated lampshades are available with different traditional decorative elements, pintadera, corals and stylised hearts, by using different techniques to obtain evocative light designs.

  • The basic shapes of the square around the rosette motif, inspired by the wedding chest typical of local tradition and performed with detailed incisions and great artistic sensitivity, remind a precious lace.

  • Inspired by the archaic figure of the Mother Goddess of Nuragic culture, the two marble sculptures are crafted with fine technical mastery and distinctive artistic stylisation, the result of intense creative experience. Designed as one-off creations, they are individually inspired.

  • Artistic and decorative steel objects, hand-forged and engraved, inspired by the traditional textile motifs, the ox and the deer, reinterpreted by artist and designer Eugenio Tavolara for the weavers of Sarule.