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  • This large glazed ceramic picture forms part of the personal artistic path of this craftswoman, dedicated to the female world and its iconic figures.

  • Three callas on a stick hold up the crystal round top in the small and precious little table where the artisan reinterprets, with technical skill, the naturalistic rendering of floral details. Handcrafted in painted wrought iron, it can be customized in size and decoration.

  • The elegant teardrop shape of these earrings with ruby burl takes on unique elegance with the baroque pearl border in the fine frame of granulated filigree, crafted according to tradition in a composition of striking contemporary taste.

  • This set of cotton and linen towels is crafted with weaving and sophisticated and minimal shades. The side decorations are obtained by alternating woofs of different size and colour.

  • This refined brooch characterised by the light filigree crafted entirely by hand and combined with the shiny polished gold plate is taken from an ancient jewel called Sun of Dorgali (Sole di Dorgali), a town in the province of Nuoro with a remarkable goldsmith tradition.