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  • This original rectangular cushion features graphic fabrics with clear-cut backgrounds in red, white, black and cork, with the large module of the lapwing which is strikingly stylised.

  • The elegant rectangular centerpiece has the essential shapes and geometric relief decoration exploring transparencies and vibrant colors, teal and soft ecru. It is part of the Insula collection of the La Reale line, inspired by the Island nature and its colors and materials.

  • This Sardinia saddlebag, woven on a traditional vertical loom with the wicker technique, features a faithful copy of the traditional design.

  • The essential cylindrical vessel acquires particular significance thanks to the material use of glazing, skilfully crafted into a natural charming objet d'art, through the strong color contrasts of lava red, teal and gold.

  • This cushion features a set of cotton warps and linen woofs woven on a handloom. The artefact is characterized by the typical a pibiones technique, inspired by the Diamond flower design, dear to traditional Sardinian weavers, and easily suits any classical or modern setting.