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  • The sinuous forms of these wrought iron sculptures take the form of fish fluctuating in the sea, in elegant dynamic pose represented in refined style. Handcrafted with striking flamed and iridescent effects, they are produced as unique pieces with ever-changing details.

  • Inspired by tradition, god-mothers typically gave this ring with a fine coral cameo, sa cara e coraddu (coral face), to their god-son when he was christened, as a present that, in the future, he would give to his fiancée.

  • This remarkable round shaped basket used to gather saffron is robust, and comes with a practical handle. It is entirely handcrafted using the weft and warp weaving technique.

  • This cotton and Sardinia wool carpet features a bright colour composition, with prevalent yellow-earth and magenta, applied to the traditional a date decoration, a band motif with a geometrical pattern inspired by local tradition, available in different designs, each of which labelled wi

  • The local fauna originally inspired the production of these joyful and expressive owls and cockerels, crafted with wise and original artistic taste and technical ability.