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  • This large pendant evokes the archaic Mother Goddess figure of the pre-Nuragic civilisation in a contemporary key through the use of fret worked silver foil using different methods to set the four different stone types: pink quartz, obsidian, lapis lazuli and brown diamond.

  • The figure of the whale is reproduced with fine descriptive synthesis in this elegant pendant in gold, burnished silver, sapphires and brilliants, realised with sophisticated and experimental filigree goldsmith technique that reinterprets the local goldsmith tradition in new forms.

  • This textile necklace is made out of a small semi-worked cotton bundle, with a precious silver pendant consisting of a single traditional button. This combination of traditional and contemporary styles provides an original interpretation of ancient themes with a balanced innovative approach.

  • This large spectacular carpet in Sardinian wool and cotton in natural white stands out for its fine abstract decoration created through irregular effects of the traditional pibiones relief technique.

  • These lathe-shaped ceramic plates are decorated with graphic motifs that evoke, in balanced compositions, the typical fabric of the traditional saddlebags.