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  • The a Palia earrings, characteristic of the goldsmith tradition of the Campidano area, are reproduced with exquisite technical precision in shape and style.

  • This cotton tulle veil, typical of the traditional Sarrabus attire, features a complex hand-made clable stitch embroidery inspired by raditional motifs, available as an accessory for brides and cerimonies.

  • These sculture glazed turquoise and charcoal boxes, hand-crafted and shaped, are inspired by the monolithic architectures of Sardinia landscapes. Available in different forms and sizes, they may be combined in customized groups, with sophisticated scenographic effects.

  • This unique chest with central interchangeable panels in glass and wood has an exclusive design characterised by the reinterpretation of the typical motifs of the traditional Sardinian chest. Available in a particular colour rendering, it comes in different sizes and colours.

  • These noteworthy handcrafted baskets with arches made using the artisanal weaving technique known as weft and warp can be used in a number of different ways.