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  • The shape of a stylized small fish characterizes the silver pendant, embellished by baroque pearls, hydrothermal gems and ruby in matrix. Made out of an engraved silver foil, it is embellished with filigree elements and gold decorations.

  • Silver bracelet, handmade and decorated with precious and semi-precious stones. The jewel features the shape of the stylized plover, playing with the sophisticated colours of the mother of pearl and the emerald iolites, precious details enriched by delicate gold decorations. 

  • Small wheels of different sizes and shapes, traditionally used to cut and refine pasta and sweets: culungiones, sebadas, orillette, caschette, each of them is refined with a specific tool, hand-made with great skill.

  • The steel serpent winds around the fluid form of the drop, the symbolic translation of "original sin" that combines the concept and the aesthetic form.

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