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  • These original and elegant cloth cushions are decorated with embroidered motifs that revive, in simplified lines, patterns and echoes of the rich culture of the island, such as the donkey, the lapwing and the lily, reinterpreted in a modern key.

  • With its classic and traditional shape reminding Sardinian traditions, the table includes a drawer and an open slot characterized by plain décor and harmonious pastel colours. This handcrafted and decorated piece matches other bedroom furnishings, customizable in color and decoration.

  • The detailed edging, with frayed and enamelled elements in gold frames with plastic sculpture, the precious bowl decorated with mottled enamels of copper, green and dirt  shades.

  • The fine tibet wool shawl has a harmonious floral motif and refined colours, a free interpretation of the traditional local designs by this craftswoman. Entirely handcrafted with silk embroidery technique.

  • The decoration of this large matte black plate recalls the traditional motif Sa Ide, the vine, of local weaving, reinterpreted adding a refined contemporary effect to the monochrome graphic features of the design.