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  • Gold pendant with central olivine stone bezel. Housed in a thin gold frame, the curl-shaped design creates a precious embroidery that highlights the bright colouring of the stone.

  • This silver bracelet is the outcome of a research on the natural elements of the Sardinian landscape and a passion for the natural expressiveness of rocks, inspired by the dry-stone walls of the ancient local fences. Made with the lost-wax carting technique, the artefact consists of asymmetrical

  • Silver Sardinian bronze statuettes dedicated to priests.

  • They are inspired by the typical profile of Sardinian villages: the small houses made of local trachyte have irregular and stylized shapes, enriched by finely crafted silver details: small figures of animals, original architectural elements, different types of flowers and plants populate the anci

  • The perfect circular shapes of these elegant silver earrings are emphasised by the refined relief effect and the warm amber colour of the central carnelian. They are part of the Ciambella collection inspired by and dedicated to the evocative local traditional confectionery.

Il settore

Nowadays, filigree is still the most popular technique used in Sardinia jewellery, granting a peculiar identity to local production, mainly due to the virtuosity achieved by local artisans.
Over time, new techniques and experiments have be performed. Charming and interesting results have been crafted.
These experiences reinterpret the great goldsmith's art tradition of the Island, but also open up to interesting original collections, closer to the most modern designs.
A local heritage, an added value, approached under new perspectives, recalling local traditions, resulting in original modern collections and giving new life to knowledge and skills.