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  • The Sun of Dorgali, a unique element of the local filigree goldsmith collection, is crafted with very thin threads and rare aesthetics with feather-light traits that evoke the seethrough transparency of lace.

  • Silver and citrine quartz necklace, featuring a plastic texture of the crafted element carved with fire and housing a citrine stone. The peculiar mesh that supports the necklace is handmade with square section wire. The random effect of the bends, which takes form during the crafting of the metal

  • These prized earrings with Sardinian figures taken from the iconography of local woven fabrics are made of gold with a fret worked plate on coral mosaic, an exclusive and distinctive technique of this goldsmith’s workshop.

  • This sophisticated and original copper filigree ring is part of the INKOROcollection, created within the project promoted by Sardegna Ricerche and curated by designer Angelo Mangiarotti.

  • Elegant and lush, the Bird of Paradise displays its indisputable beauty in this large handmade silver, mother of pearl, quartz and tourmaline brooch. Characterised by the oneiric style typical of this workshop, the brooch is part of the evocative animal series.

Il settore

Nowadays, filigree is still the most popular technique used in Sardinia jewellery, granting a peculiar identity to local production, mainly due to the virtuosity achieved by local artisans.


Over time, new techniques and experiments have be performed. Charming and interesting results have been crafted.


These experiences reinterpret the great goldsmith's art tradition of the Island, but also open up to interesting original collections, closer to the most modern designs.


A local heritage, an added value, approached under new perspectives, recalling local traditions, resulting in original modern collections and giving new life to knowledge and skills.