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  • Rich antique looking fabrics, made of cotton and linen dyed with natural colors, crafted on manual semi-automatic handloom with delicate pibiones relief motifs.

  • Featuring the traditional griffin motif, this carpet is made of Sardinian wool on a flat handloom with the solid a pibiones technique.

  • These elegant and refined linen and cotton curtains feature refined band decorations realised using a fine version of the pibiones relief technique, with motifs recovered from local traditions.

  • Decorated with a rich floral pattern, this tapestry is the symbol of the traditional weaving industry of the village of  Mogoro, woven with precious silk threads into sophisticated chromatic harmonies, dyed with natural colours and decorated with golden threads.

  • These refined linen tablecloths and napkins are decorated with motifs taken from the local textile tradition, finished with accurate hand-made hemstitching, a hallmark of this workshop.

Il settore

The traditional textile industry offers a remarkable production, resulting from the mediation between history and traditional knowledge and the needs of contemporary living. The craftsmen working on the island – almost all of them pursuing family traditions, having been trained since they were children in the use of hand looms – now offer a very high quality production, full of archaic memories but, at the same time, featuring a modern design, a reinterpretation of the past to give new life to it. Nowadays, the textiles made in Sardinia feature a distinctive Sardinian character, the core element of Sardinian craftsmanship, but they also offer new shapes, models and materials with a strong and modern personality.