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Autonomous Region of Sardinia - Department of Tourism, Arts and Trade - Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Service
Project manager: Pierandrea Deiana


BIC Sardegna Spa
Project manager: Paolo Cherchi and Gabriella Pinna

The following were involved in the creation of the "Showcase of Fine art craftsmanship"

Design and Coordination Specialist: Roberta Morittu
ICT platform development: Fedro Software srl, Leonardo Jervis
Development: Mauro Mascia, Gian Mario Mereu
Graphics: Anna Laura Fara

The following were responsible for the cataloguing and the population of the "Showcase of Fine art craftsmanship"

Knowledge and crafts, a few stories: all the artisans included in the Showcase
Editorial design and artistic direction: Roberta Morittu
Cards analysis, word processing: Roberta Morittu, Gabriella Perra, Mirella Erriu, Rosa Pinna
Photographs of artisans and contemporary artefacts: Confinivisivi di Pierluigi Dessi
Photographs of historical artefacts: MCF di Marco Ceraglia

Identification of historical artefacts:
Isre Sardegna - Cagliari - Luigi Cocco Collection: Paolo Piquereddu, Franca Rosa Contu
”Il ciclo della vita” collection - Quartu: Giovanni Musiu
Coordination: Gabriella Pinna – Patrizia Scionis