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Dinamos Gioielli

  • Ciondolo in argento, riproduce la sagoma della Sardegna caratterizzata dalla colorata cromia degli zirconi. Appartiene alla linea Chelos, omaggio a questa terra.

  • Silver pendant with zircons. It features a small Sardinia enclosed in a heart. The artefact is part of the Chelos collection, a delicate tribute to this land.

  • This silver ring reinterprets in shapes and decoration the aesthetics of the traditional wedding ring of the Logudoro area, rendered with new technique and style by means of contrasting burnished and polished effects.

  • Silver and zircon pendant displaying a cheerful image of a dolphin. It belongs to the Chelos collection, and it is intended as a tribute to Sardinia.

  • This silver pendant is a prized miniature of the renowned traditional Sardinian jack knife, with the actual mechanical features of the same, and it is skilfully handcrafted down to the smallest details with a particular colouring technique.

The artisan

Cagliari-born Marco Favaretto gained his professional experience out of Sardinia. He worked at a prestigious goldsmith's workshop in Paris and learnt classical techniques, specializing in the manufacturing of fine jewellery. After several years of apprenticeship, he moved to Valenza, the most important center of goldsmith's production in Italy, where he opened his own workshop, working for major international clients. The bond with his land was, however, still very strong, so in 2013 he decided to come back to Sardinia and moved to Orosei, where he currently works. In his studio he transfers the experience and skills gained into his own collection of jewels, featuring a fine and personal touch, expressing his love for his land.

The collection

In the Chelos collection, the shape of Sardinia becomes a decorative element of pendants, rings and bracelets. The use of zirconia and colorful semi-precious stones characterize his collection, made with great attention to details. He also crafts unique pieces, prepared with skill and expertise, designed for a refined and demanding group of clients.

The technique

The manual techniques of classical goldsmith's art characterize the production available at his workshop, made with skill and competence. Peculiar technical procedures (palladium and rhodium-based) characterize his silver artefacts, which do not become darker over time, keeping their bright and brilliant surfaces.

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Where to find them

Dinamos Gioielli Via Nazionale, 231 08028 Orosei (NU)


Telefono: +39 333 1341010