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The artefact

Coro is the prized decorative element inspired by the amulets of the local popular tradition that contained elegant brocades and other small objects, cherished by those who placed them there. Made entirely by hand in glazed ceramic, it is part of the Amor sardo Amor Profano, non è vero ma ci credo (Sardinian love Profane love, it is not true but I believe in it) line, distinctive of this ceramist.


Materiali: Clay, Glaze
Tecniche di lavorazione: Manual shaping, Slip, Glazing
Dimensioni: Width 20 cm; Length 25 cm
Località di produzione: Macomer

Artigiano: Valeria Tola
Settore: Ceramics

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Crafting technique: Manual shaping Slip Glazing
Materials: Clay Glaze