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The artefact

The intentionally irregular forms and the fine and dreamlike decoration, which are the core features of the potter's collection, are emphasized in this particular bowl, featuring a pictorial scheme that includes element of the plant and animal worlds. Conceived as a food container, the object is inspired by the shape of a common traditional basket, sa corbula. The decoration includes different shades of light blue and undelines the potter's pictorial experience. Conceived as an object of daily use, despite the strong artistic connotation, it is made with non-toxic lead-free materials.


Tecniche di lavorazione: Plate shaping, "A colombino" shaping (coiling), Manual shaping, Graffito, Glazing, Ceramic glazing
Dimensioni: Diameter cm 33; Height cm 7
Località di produzione: Cagliari

Settore: Ceramics

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