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Roberto Costa

  • Original and exclusive, this striking ring with the figure of an owl is made in skilfully carved Sardinian coral with a shaped rich yellow gold setting. Made entirely by hand based on an exclusive design, it is part of the refined production of unique objects of this goldsmith’s workshop.

  • This prized sculpture in skilfully engraved coral is realised following the natural shape of a precious branch of coral so as to reproduce sea waves with small fish in dynamic compositions. It features an element in burnished silver on a base of natural “coralligenous” concretion.

  • The fine lines of these earrings with jointed pendant in gold filigree and Sardinian coral reinterpret ancient models wisely combining references to the local tradition with elements of archaic Roman and Phoenician jewellery.

  • The circular shape of the fine gold pendant with central bezel in light-coloured coral, known as bello di Bosa, is inspired by the important roundels of Romanesque architecture and is skilfully crafted in granulated filigree with decorative experimental technique.

  • These fine striking filigree rings have an original satin finish with bezels of precious stones, both in the dome-shaped and band-shaped versions. Made entirely by hand, with an ever-changing design, they are part of the refined production of unique artefacts of this goldsmith’s workshop.

The artisan

The refined goldsmith production by Roberto Costa and Sandra Arca builds on the high-quality traditional crafting of filigree and coral with virtuous style and fine technical interpretations, original and rich in decorative and sculptural details. Born in Alghero, a small town set on the renowned coral coast in the north-west of Sardinia, where they also grew up, they both undertook educational and professional paths in the domain of the creative goldsmith craft. Roberto was positively affected by the artisanal atmosphere in the workshop of his father Antonio, a goldsmith of the momentous generation that in the 1950s was part of the relaunching of the local goldsmith’s art in Alghero. Roberto then specialised in jewellery at the School of Art, where he improved the technical skills learned in the family workshop, thus acquiring know how in the design of jewels, thanks to which he created his own distinctive experimental style. Sandra also attended the School of Art specialising in the crafting of coral, she then continued her studies and graduated in History of Art. In 2002, when Roberto and Sandra set up their own workshop in the evocative historic centre of Alghero, they combined their skills in a successful business that strengthens their inspirations, as revealed by their refined original production of unique jewels of great scenic impact.

The collection

Roberto Costa and Sandra Arca’s production counts a line of unique, entirely handcrafted gold jewellery with an original and exclusive design, which combines technical variations in filigree work with the distinctive crafting of Sardinian coral. The elaborate forms thus crafted reveal manifold inspirations: from both local goldsmith and ancient Mediterranean traditions, combined so as to form artefacts of remarkable decorative and sculptural value.

The technique

All openwork and granulated filigree techniques, fretwork, beading, combined with traditional goldsmith techniques are performed in this workshop, in addition to the crafting, inlay and engraving of coral.

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Where to find them

100 Via Ferret G. 07041 Alghero (SS)

Telefono: +39 079 977589