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Gianmario Fogarizzu

The artisan

Gianmario Fogarizzu, a skilful fourth-generation knife maker, carries on the distinctive knife making art of the renowned Fogarizzu family of Pattada, a small town in Sardinia with ancient traditions and historically established for the typical production of Pattedese jack knives. His father Boiteddu, celebrated for the beauty and precision of his artisanal knives, received many international awards. Gianmario learned the techniques and secrets of the trade when he was very young, by keenly observing his father’s work and thus developing, in turn, a genuine and whole-hearted passion for the family craft. The excellent aesthetics and functional perfection of his artefacts satisfy in full the characteristics that an artisanal knife must have to be considered a success; indeed, in Gianmario’s knives beauty and aesthetic originality add to the selected materials and the perfect mechanical features. Every single knife Gianmario creates is a unique work, the result of a creative process that combines technical virtuosity with renewed artistic and experimental commitment. Thanks to this experimental approach his production is in line with the contemporary context, albeit with a solid base strongly rooted in tradition. He works with his brother, Tore, in their historical workshop in Pattada, where it is possible to admire his creations, as well as the complex processing phases. He participates in the main local and international events and exhibitions of the sector, with a world-renowned production of knives.

The collection

The fine exclusive production of knives by Gianmario Fogarizzu, entirely handcrafted in every phase, is centred on the well-known Pattadese jack knife model with myrtle leaf-shaped blade, handle with a central spring, ram horn handle grips with rivets and a piccadura punched joint ring. Handmade following an original inspiration for each artefact, every knife is harmonious and carefully crafted with the utmost care given to the smallest details and mechanisms. His production, performed with technical virtuosity and using carefully selected quality materials, is designed for a wide range of customers, from the direct user appreciative of the charm of the artefact in itself, to the most demanding collector of unique artworks.

The technique

Blades are processed for removal, forged, tempered, polished, satin-finished. Damascening is also performed exclusively by hand. The crafting of the handle, in ram horn, mouflon horn and antique tortoise shell and ivory, features a steel spring and riveted grips, a piccadura punched decorated ring joints. The blade can have carved artistic decorations to order.

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Where to find them

P.zza Vittorio Veneto n° 17 07016 Pattada (SS)


Telefono: +39 079 755066; 3476255979