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Salvatore Ziranu

  • Solid and of great aesthetic value, this wrought iron window grating is handcrafted and decorated with sober elegant motifs with interlaced lines and curves. The utmost care is given to details and the clear-cut couplings. Sizes and decorations can be customised in a wide range.

  • The end of the wrought iron curtain rail is decorated with exquisitely hand-forged elements with leaves and interwoven motifs. Together with the coordinated wall brackets, the rod is produced in a variety of customisable decorations, shapes and sizes.

  • Large hand-forged railing module with elegant refined ornamental design, made of stainless steel, a corrosion-resistant material. Produced with many decorative variants, it can be customised in size and details.

  • Base for a three-legged coffee table in iron forged and wrought by hand, decorated with elegant spiral motifs. Designed as a base to be combined with round tops, it can be customised in size and decorative details.

  • Elegant and sculpture-like, this large pot holder stands out for its captivating wrought iron flowing spiral form, skilfully and creatively handcrafted according to the artisan's inspiration.

The artisan

For Salvatore Ziranu the artistic craft of hand-forging wrought iron is an invaluable family know-how handed down to him from his early childhood by the renowned and highly regarded Ziranu blacksmith family of Orani, a village in the Barbagia area in central Sardinia, and which he carries on with enthusiasm. A fourth-generation craftsman, Salvatore learned the techniques of the craft from his father Silverio with genuine interest: traditional knowledge and skills that he further enriched with his distinctive personal and professional path in steel forging, thus increasing his expertise in the use of innovative procedures and equipment. He started working in 1992 at a very young age, initially in his father’s smithy, where, in time, he distinguished himself for precision and mastery, expressed by innovating and perfecting the traditional procedures in order to obtain a wide range of high-quality products of remarkable aesthetic value. In 2003 he set up his own smithy, where he works with the invaluable support of his wife Emanuela. This new and spacious workshop in the handicraft district in Orani has extensive exhibition space as well as spacious forging areas with modern equipment for a large number of diversified artefacts which nonetheless preserve the unmistakable quality and value of strictly hand-forged wrought iron made to last.

The collection

Salvatore Ziranu’s production is mainly focused on customised structural and decorative elements made of wrought iron and stainless steel for buildings: railings, gates, balconies, shelters, stairs and many other items made to order, all of which are characterised by their remarkable aesthetic value and unique manufacture. This production is complemented by a sophisticated range of home décor items such as beds, tables of different sizes, curtain rails and other functional and decorative objects, which reveal the artisan’s artistic flair as well as the blacksmith’s mastery. Restoration work for ancient artefacts with sandblasting and painting procedures is also performed in this smithy.

The technique

Salvatore Ziranu’s wrought iron works are all handcrafted, with particular care given to details, especially in the case of joints and couplings, which are forged with great precision. His work is carried out according to the exact measurements of the preliminary projects taken with the customer.

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Type of artefact: Metal furnishing accessories

Where to find them

Localita' Istolo, lotto 13 08026 Orani (NU)


Telefono: +39 0784730007; 3397628770

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