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Patrizia Camba

  • This refined decorative panel revisits abstract geometries inspired by Mondrian using traditional orbace, woollen fabric that more than any other represents the regional textile identity.

  • Wide-band belt inspired in shape by the oriental Obi belts of kimonos in silk damasks with floral motifs, typically used for traditional Sardinian costumes. Based on an exclusive design by Patrizia Camba and skilfuly handcrafted, these belts can be used on either side.

  • This original reversible stole is characterised by an innovative use of fabrics of the local tradition by combining the black and white geometric motifs taken from the weaving of the saddlebags with the silk damask with floral motifs typical of traditional costumes.

  • Elegant yet practical thanks to its many pockets, this flat bag with an original rounded shape and a round handle features the typical black and white geometric pattern used for traditional saddlebags, in combination with silk damask fabric with black and gold floral designs.

  • This elegant capacious bag with traditional black and white geometric patterns has the original shape of a trapezoid with handles and edging with zips and red cords that form an original guitar shape.

The artisan

Patrizia Camba’s experience in artisanal haute couture started in 1987, when she set up her own atelier in Cagliari. A multifaceted and sensitive personality attracted by the many expressive opportunities that the creation of garments offers, Patrizia consolidated her original style free from artistic patterns, thus constantly renewing it with every new inspiration without any preconceptions. The common thread is the tale of the world of women and Sardinia, an island that preserves traditions and offers continuous material, chromatic and symbolic ideas. Her sophisticated line of accessories draws on the plain black and white textures used for saddlebags which, according to tradition, are shaped and juxtaposed to full damasks and velvet with rich colors by simple and essential cuts, thus enhancing their beauty by contrast. A well-known artist in the regional creative scenario, she promotes her creations in her showroom/studio in the centre of Cagliari and in the charming shop where she also has a significant selection of the best items of local artisan crafts.

The collection

Her personal and unique line of handbags and fashion accessories which use the traditional Sardinian fabrics and colour effects, is offered in many models and variants and is designed to enrich and customise different styles. Her tailoring is sought after for the sophisticated and original tailor-made wedding dresses, designed and sewn with the utmost care given to every single detail. In addition, there is an important pret-à-porter line, unique models studied individually and realised with clear-cut, essential lines, characterised by originality and great care down to the smallest of details.

The technique

The tailoring process is entirely carried out by hand, starting from the preliminary sketch, the development of the pattern, the cutting, the actual sewing and the finishing touches. The staff's high professionalism guarantees timely realisation.

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Type of artefact: Bag Textile fashion accessories

Where to find them

Patrizia Camba - La Sartoria Via Farina, 67 09127 Cagliari (CA)


Telefono: +39 070 666 370

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