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Margherita Pilloni

  • Taken from the traditional Oristano collection, the brocca fiorita (flowered jug) is richly decorated with sculptural plastic additions of springtime elements realised, according to tradition, with technical mastery and creative flair.

  • This terracotta vase is decorated with palmetta (small palm) motifs, in alternating dark and light bands, designed by this artisan drawing on the motif of a ceramic fragment of Oristano dating back to the sixteenth century.

  • This large ceramic Revolution vase, inspired in shape by the local finds of the archaic Nuragic culture, is decorated with evocative contemporary polychrome glazing with cracked effects obtained using the crawling technique.

  • This large elegant Summer plate is decorated with a neat light style in light blue shades, with the sun at the centre echoing in stylised trait an old traditional carved chest, surrounded by a flight of lapwings and revisited roundels.

  • Su frascu, sa stangiada, sa brocca, which all belong to the renowned traditional Oristano ceramic production, faithfully reproduce with striking technical and aesthetic skill in terracotta, partially decorated with slip and glazed with a sprinkler and mottled effects, t

The artisan

Margherita Pilloni’s well-known ceramic production reveals great craftsmanship and an innate expressive talent, stemming from inventiveness combined with keen stylistic research, solid foundations and a thorough knowledge of the momentous historical ceramic tradition of Oristano. After studying at the Art School in Oristano, Margherita was immediately drawn to ceramics and understood its expressive potential. She specialised in lathe shaping and carried on her research and professional growth thanks to which she refined her techniques and defined her stylistic identity. One of the founding partners of the renowned CMA ceramist cooperative company in Oristano, during the early years of CMA she also worked as an apprentice in the workshop of Giovanni Sanna, master potter from Oristano, the only woman to have had this opportunity and privilege. In 1984 she set up her own handicraft workshop, whilst taking up teaching at the Art School in Oristano. Margherita on the one hand reproduces traditional artefacts with technical and aesthetic fidelity that enchant for beauty and expressive sincerity, and on the other hand produces an experimental line that reveals her refined approach that explores and reinterprets different themes with an expert and neat stylistic trait. She works in her shop/workshop in the centre of Oristano, surrounded by an evocative exhibition rich in multi-coloured and manifold lathe-shaped ceramics. She participates in the main fairs and exhibitions on the island reserved for the high quality of local crafts.

The collection

Margherita Pilloni’s production counts a line of traditional ceramics from Oristano: typical everyday objects in terracotta, partially decorated with slip and glaze such as sa brocca, sa stangiada, su frascu, in addition to the prestigious brocca fiorita (flowered jug), a richly decorated festive jug with plastic additions, which Margherita realises with great mastery following her creative bent. She also produces an experimental line characterised by a clear and neat stylistic trait, in which she revisits traditional themes and explores new techniques such as the glazed effect using the crawling technique, characterised by evocative shrinkages and cracks.

The technique

Margherita Pilloni, an expert lathe shaper, performs lathe shaping and plastic manual shaping. Her decorations are realised with slip, enamels and ceramic glazing by brush and sprinkling, with engraved motifs. She uses experimental techniques such as glaze crawling.

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Where to find them

Oristano Via Crispi, 29 09170 Oristano (OR)


Telefono: +39 0783 303980