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Maria Giuliana Collu

  • The wavy shapes of the large centrepiece sculpture reproduces the sea waves in exquisite shades of blue with vibrant coral inflorescences.

  • The comely shape of this ceramic vase reveals feminine elements that typically characterise the fascinating and enigmatic Sardinian women. This vase is part of a varied line of home décor items, Donna Bistimenta, featuring the exclusive design of this original ceramist.

  • Harmonious in minimal and irregular shapes, these precious plates of the Terra e Fenu line evoke the traditional local baskets. Handcrafted combining decorative style and artistic flair, they are part of a complete line of home décor items and are available in two sizes.

  • This prized necklace realised by combining sculptural elements of different shapes rendered in refractory clay is part of the jewellery line Bagliori d'Ambra (Amber reflections). Handcrafted as a unique piece, it is produced with ever-changing details.

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The artisan

Maria Giuliana Collu’s ceramics can be placed on the fine line that links art to craftsmanship, pure aesthetic form to everyday objects, contemplative inspiration to the concrete wisdom of manual handcrafting. Born in Assemini, Maria Giuliana first handled clay as a child in the handicraft workshop of her aunt and uncle, who were potters. Creative and with a natural artistic flair, she took several artistic paths, experimenting different techniques and sectors. A milestone in her artistic path was the encounter with a Japanese artist that opened up new expressive scenarios. She rediscovered ceramics as an elective form of expression almost by chance; thanks to this, she also rediscovered her origins, as point of arrival of a long artistic experience. The original intuition was followed up thoroughly through numerous specialisations thanks to which her production has a national and international standing. Her effective creations, marked by a clear “language”, are promoted in events and exhibitions that bring together the excellences of the sector, Argillà Italia in Faenza, Festa Internazionale della Ceramica in Montelupo Fiorentino, Fuori Salone in Milan, Centro Des Art in Portugal, just to name a few.

The collection

A master of formal abstraction and of the rendering of raw material on enamelled surfaces, Maria Giuliana Collu creates bowls, vases, plates and lamps as a pretext to recreate foaming waves, seashells and seabeds, burning stones, minerals and concretions, arid lands, or lace and intertwined elements that appear to be carved out of the island context. There are several lines of home decor: Sea World; Bistimentas and Donna Bistimentas; Terre e Fenu and many more. These lines are complemented by a line of jewellery and other unique artistic creations which she proposes in contemporary exhibitions.

The technique

This talented craftswoman handcrafts all her creations entirely. Shaping starts form the sheet of clay that she handcrafts, embosses with motifs and finishes with plastic additions. Her pictorial touch in the rendering of enamels is worth highlighting, as a fruitful experiment in the artistic domain.

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Where to find them

I Cocci di Giuliana Collu. Ceramiche artistiche Via Piero Gobetti, 1 09047 Selargius (CA)


Telefono: +39 070 853068; 333 1889488

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