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Massimo Soro

  • This refined brooch characterised by the light filigree crafted entirely by hand and combined with the shiny polished gold plate is taken from an ancient jewel called Sun of Dorgali (Sole di Dorgali), a town in the province of Nuoro with a remarkable goldsmith tradition.

  • These delicate earrings with garnet and small pearls revive the forms and decorations of the rich collection of fine traditional jewellery.

  • These four elegant gold filigree pendants evoke marine elements, a free reinterpretation of the local goldsmith tradition.

  • A delicate bunch of grapes is reproduced with fine pearl setting and delicate leaves engraved on gold plate with filigree elements. It is part of the wide-ranging production of traditional handcrafted filigree jewellery, a hallmark of this goldsmith workshop.

  • The fine spiral-shaped filigree, typical of the rich production of traditional buttons, characterises this elegant ring realised on embossed plate crafted entirely by hand.

The artisan

The fine techniques of the ancient goldsmith’s tradition can be admired in Massimo Soro’s filigree jewellery. Every detail is carefully handcrafted and follows with virtuosity the complex and ancient procedures, which, to date, have been perpetuated with such expertise by only a few filigree goldsmiths on the island. As in the olden days, Massimo started his apprenticeship at the early age of 11, in the goldsmith’s workshop of his uncle, Bruno Busonera, a master filigree goldsmith, where he learned this ancient technique, specialising in the realisation of the rich and complex traditional rosaries. From 1985 to 1987 he worked at the goldsmith’s workshop Giesse, with the well-known filigree goldsmith Vittorio Melis. In 1987 he set up his own workshop, L’angolo del gioiello, in the characteristic Marina district of Cagliari, where his outstanding and unique production can still be admired.

The collection

His refined production focuses on the creation of traditional gold and silver filigree jewellery for women, crafted according to the traditional techniques. His exquisitely traditional jewellery is now complemented by a more contemporary production that reinterprets this precious technique in a novel way. He is also a restorer of antique jewels, philologically mindful of the ancient practices.

The technique

In Massimo Soro’s workshop the filigree technique is performed in all its sophisticated variants, following the procedures necessary to realise tradition-inspired jewels. Filigree, in its openwork and granulation versions, preciously set with pearls, is realised with the necessary rigour and creativity.

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Where to find them

L'angolo del gioiello di Massimo Soro Via Barcellona, 89 09124 Cagliari (CA)


Telefono: +39 348 0421869