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Achille Monni

  • Clearly inspired by the archaic nuragic civilisation, the precious artistic vase is crafted with balanced compositional taste, made with plastic molded materials and decorated by relief and impression.

  • He reinterprets with synthesis of form the elegant female figure of Sardinian traditional dress, the sculpture is richly decorated with inspiration and clean sign, a free interpretation of the valuable local clothing embroidery.

  • The unusual shapes of the elegant cylindrical vase that includes a perforated dome-shaped lid, is finely crafted on a lathe and features a careful decoration inspired by traditional designs, archaic reference to the Nuragic civilization and a synthesis of a sophisticated identity code.

  • The complex and refined décor, made with the graffiti technique on a colored engobe, characterizes the precious ceramic vase, an elegant reference to traditional costumes.

  • The bull figure, a symbol of strength, is inserted in the original circular shape, reinforced by the material texture of clays mixed with marble-like effects.

The artisan

To Achille Monni, pottery is the result of a motivated search for a means of expression to give a form to an innate artistic aptitude and decorative skill. His training started at the workshop with a course held by renown local ceramist Dolores Demurtas. The training continued while he enjoyed success at the local level, at the workshop run by the Farci Brothers in Assemini, a renown family of potters especially active in the production of ceramic art in the twentieth century. Since he opened his own workshop in 1989, Achille Monni has consolidated his well-defined identity concepts, reinterpreting them in innovative ways. Inspired by an archaic past from which he selects shapes and silhouettes that he hyper-decorates with modernist taste, he stands out as a fine potter faithful to his creative process and the concept of uniqueness typical of his art.

The collection

The rich production follows the creative spirit of the artisan who explores and experiments various techniques leading to different distinctive collections: the Janas collection, characterized by the bronze and green colors and the use of graffiti with relief and impression decorations; the Ichnusa collection inspired by the colorful traditional island costume applied to pottery with graphic designs and bright colors; the Pibionis collection made with graffito decorations on a white engobe and geometric relief patterns; the Neriage collection with marble-like effects obtained by combining various types of dirt. All collections are customizable and include a wide range of functional and decorative art objects, such as vases, containers of different shapes, lamps, table centerpieces, small sculptures.

The technique

In his research, the ceramist investigates new techniques, modeling lathe objects manually sheet or colombino styles, based on his artistic needs. The decoration phases, which are historically accurate and refined, include relief engravings and impressions combined with a personal use of glazes. He is currently experimenting new techniques and materials including porcelain, stoneware and raku pottery.

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Where to find them

Ceramica Viva di Achille Monni Via Perra, 38 09048 Sinnai (CA)