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M.L. by Matteo Loi

  • Hand-made shoulder strap leather bag, decorated with small diamond-shaped motifs, inspired by Sardinian textile tradition. Being elegant and large, it is a perfect professional bag to carry laptops and tablets.

  • This hand-crafted shoulder strap leather bag decorated with a hand-refined floral motif and a silver decorative logotype, is equipped with an additional central compartment, that is ideal to carry tablets and mobile devices.

  • This professional leather-refined briefcase is made of orbace, a traditional Sardinian wool fabric. With its neat and essential design, it merges aesthetics and functionality. Available in different colours.

  • This hand-crafted leather pocket emptier is engraved with a moorhen-shaped decoration, typical of Sardinian craftsmanship tradition. It is perfect for living rooms and professional studios.

  • Hand-crafted leather tapestry engraved with a decoration inspired by Nuragic bronze statuettes. This elegant decorative object of exquisite visual impact is perfect for living rooms and professional studios.

The artisan

Matteo Loi is a creative, an artisan and a musician. He left Sardinia and headed to the main Italian art cities, working at workshops and studying music. Back on the island, he honed his skills in leathercraft during his apprenticeship at a master cobbler's workshop in Ovodda. He began his activity as an artisan in 2010, first collaborating with Marlies Lisa Schmidt, the German owner of the renowned Marlies Leather Goods Shop in Oristano. He then took over the company, changing its name and location, but bringing in his skills, creativity and top quality. In 2011, he moved to London looking for new market opportunities and a broader experimental scenario. The craftsman defines his own creations as concepts-emotions sewn on first-quality materials, the products of his skills and imagination, unique pieces, just like us. Bags, belts and objets d'art, products of refined inspiration. Everything that leather can shape into earnest playful creations, is far from being boring.

The collection

His philosophy is to produce objects that may last for a long time, keeping their value. His production is diversified: bags for men and women, belts, office accessories and furniture, crafted by finding a balance between tradition and personal reinterpretations.

The technique

The craftsman makes an unusual choice in the organization of his workshop, merging production and exhibition in one space. In this way, customers can enjoy the place, the tools and the crafting methods. His creations start with the design of the artefact, followed by manual work: pattern design, cutting, skiving, brushing, marking, dyeing and sewing.

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Where to find them

Pelletteria M.L. di Matteo Loi Via G.M.Angioy, 53 09124 Cagliari (CA)


Telefono: +39 (0)70 657931 - +39 380 3110898

Sito web: