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  • This sophisticated intertwining of gold threads is part of the Modus Auri collection, one of the products developed within the Inkoro project, curated by architect-designer Angelo Mangiarotti.

  • The Button pendant, elaborated with the distinctive trait of this goldsmith's workshop, revives in form the remarkable buttons of the traditional costume and garments for women, realised with fine floral brocade inserts that emphasise the inspiration.

  • This original silver Pendant is designed as a tribute to the art of embroidery, that is instrumental to revive, with precise pictorial traits, the charm of traditional Sardinian costumes.

  • The old terracotta spool, used to roll up the thread, becomes jewel, turning into a sophisticated pendant/earring. Created as object of local identity connected to the textile Sardinian culture, it is part of the "IS" project, available in yellow gold or silver.

  • This prized silver and brocade pendant is inspired by the Agnusdei, a religious votive ornament, significantly revisiting the symbolic meanings through the fine filigree thread that sews together two brocade hearts, so as to seal invaluable ties.

The artisan

In the city centre of Nuoro, in a small elegant jeweller's workshop, Alessandra Mascia and Maurizio Secchi have been carring out their craft and business for twenty years, creating precious pieces of art, resulting in a combination of traditional technical skills and top-level goldsmithry. The workshop hosts rigor and method. A diploma at the Istituto d’Arte di Nuoro, and years of apprenticeship at highly qualified jeweller's workshops in Nuoro and Alghero, for Maurizio. Pursuing their dream to become a reference point of local goldsmith's art, they integrate Sardinian culture with new and original techniques and materials to give shape to their artistic visions. Each jewel has its own story, the result of a long design phase, the result of the expertise of the two professionals who can transform gold, silver, precious stones and fabrics into unique pieces of art, with great skill and dedication.

The collection

By using ancient crafting techniques, in the workshop unique jewels are crafted by hand. A major project promoted by Sardegna Ricerche enjoys fruitful results: the Modus Auri collection, studied to promote the art of filigree-making, is the result of Maurizio's skillful intepretation of the idea conceived by architect and designer Angelo Mangiarotti; the IS project pays tribute to the art of weaving with a collection of pendants shaped in the forms of spools, looms and tamburines, created in collaboration with the only silkworm farmer of Orgosolo, Maria Corda, and Nuoro-based artist Michela Cicalò.

The technique

The main techniques performed in the workshop are: filigree, embossing, fretworking, hammering, engraving, all adapted to the playful fantasy and variety of styles and designs proposed as a reinterpretation of Sardinian culture.

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Where to find them

L’Etoile di Alessandra Mascia e Maurizio Secchi Via Angioi, 5 08100 Nuoro (NU)

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Telefono: + 39 (0)784 35603 - +39 349 1370979

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