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Vetro Design

  • Handcrafted table lamp with strips of blue and light-blue glass shaped in dynamic form on a juniper wood base, it depicts a wave crashing against a rock.

  • This glass plate decorated with mosaic motifs and evocative chromatic effects, is crafted with a glass fusion technique, through complex and detailed procedures; it is the result of a combination of innovative taste and skilled craftsmanship.

  • Dedicated to Autumn, Attunzu, this glass tray evokes in its modular geometric composition the typical carpets of the local textile tradition.

  • This table lamp is crafted with glass tiles moulded in dynamic shapes, symbolizing the Island's strong mistral wind; the artefact is mounted on a juniper wood base. The object is part of the Isola collection, dedicated to the natural elements of Sardinian landscape.

  • Original and sculpture-like, this lamp with a light glass flower in charming vibrant colours is inspired by the nature of the island, of which it evokes the natural blowing of the wind in the curved iron stem on a recycled juniper base.

The artisan

When Sandro Moro was 19 years of age, after a period of apprenticeship, he opened his own workshop. He has been carrying out his professional activity ever since, with great passion and a personal research and experimentation in the distinctive local handicraft sector. Inspired by the works of Gaudi, with his colourful mosaics embedded in the environment, his creations feature colour compositions to great visual effect, made with pieces of coloured glass and designed to perfectly fit the space we live in. Vetrodesign manufactures public and private works. The AD magazine mentions it among the artistic Sardinian excellences and it has participated in several exhibitions in Italy and in Sardinia.

The collection

In his workshop, Sandro Moro makes a wide range of unique creations, including simple objects to more complex and articulated furnishing and architecture accessories. Recently, he has created objects by recycling scrap glass. Fully-fledged furnishings, lamps, sculptures, illuminated objects capable of characterizing settings with diverse styles.

The technique

He combines different techniques: fusion, sandblasting with colour and metallic oxide airbrushing. With the glass fusion technique, performed with a special kiln, he merges individual tiles into a single piece, to create decorative many-coloured designs and complex decorations. The combination of juniper wood in his latest creations is a hallmark of his creative line.

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Type of artefact: Glass furnishing accessories

Where to find them

Sandro Moro Vetro Design Via G.Galilei, 20 08100 Nuoro (NU)


Telefono: + 39 (0)784 30064

Sito web: - - facebok: vetro design sandro moro