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Valeria Tola

  • A strong identity, masterfully interpreted through original and contemporary expressive jargons. Available on its own or in free compositions, a cowbell becomes an explicit reference to the five senses as a means to understand the essence of life.

  • Inspired in shape by traditional Sardinian buttons, Faula, Lie, is a ceramic candle holder characterised by the elegant fretwork and relief work that reinterprets, with remarkable aesthetics, the filigree of the local goldsmith tradition and is made even more contemporary by the matte bl

  • The filigree button typical of the local costume for women is reinterpreted in this fine large decorative object, enriched by traditional polychrome ribbons and fabrics. Individually molded by hand in terracotta and glazed ceramic, they are ever-changing unique pieces.

  • The spinning top, a wooden toy of the local tradition, is reproduced in its original forms so as to create unusual piggy banks or receptacles for the kitchen of contemporary and exclusive and aesthetic taste.

  • The Bottoni  collection is part of the Amore sardo Amor profano project, a ceramic jewellery collection inspired by the island's goldsmith's tradition.

The artisan

Driven by passion and love for ceramics, having completed the course of study at the Art Institute of Oristano, Valeria Tola opened her own workshop in 1992 in Macomer, where she still creates and produces. Her work is characterized by the re-reading of the multiple forms of expression of the material culture of Sardinia, reinterpreted through contemporary tastes. Textiles, jewelery, embroidery make up the rich iconographic heritage inspiring the objects she crafts, with an explicit identity value and consistent with the most sophisticated contemporary craft. Her curiosity led her to collaborate with other creatives, prompting joint projects which stimulate and enrich her expressiveness, opening up to new opportunities for projects, which are still in progress.

The collection

Her eclectic and interesting production ranges in many areas and sectors: objects of daily use, such as plates, bowls, centerpieces, cups and jugs, available in various different versions, are associated with ceramic jewelry, inspired by the sophisticated buttons used in traditional attires; bells of archaic form but extraordinarily contemporary are designed to make our lives merry and joyful, icons of a sophisticated and contemporary crafts.

The technique

The fully manual work is expressed through different techniques and materials, in relation to the object and the intended use. Plate forming, coiling, molding, are masterfully executed and designed based on artistic inspiration and the intended use. Decorative mixed techniques include fretworks, graffiti and reliefs, with second and third fire glazes, tools of artistic cheerful and lively expressiveness.

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Where to find them

Valeria Tola Corso Umberto I, 64 08015 Macomer (NU)


Telefono: +39 (0)785 72700 - +39 340 3555054

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