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Rhombuses Carpet

The artefact

This large carpet in Sardinian wool features a modern interpretation of one of the most common motifs of the local textile iconography, the rhombus, designed in an asymmetric composition of contemporary taste in elegant contrast of white and grey. Handcrafted using a loom according to the tutto pieno (full bodied) pibiones relief technique, it is a prized home décor accessory of strong decorative value.


Materiali: Cotton, Industrial wool
Tecniche di lavorazione: "A pibiònes", "a rànu", "a beltighitta", "a soprariccio" weaving techniques
Dimensioni: Length 127 cm; Width 70 cm
Località di produzione: Villamassargia

Artigiano: Tessart Cogoni
Settore: Webbing

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