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Pibiones curtains with roses and arches

The artefact

Fine loom woven linen curtains with relief decorations featuring the traditional motifs of roses and arches. They stand out for the careful finishing touches that are made exclusively by hand with hemstitch and gigliuccio, distinctive features of the workshop. Decorated with the semipieno (full-bodied) pibiones relief technique, finished with gigliuccio and hemstitch, they can be customised in size and motifs.


Materiali: Linen, Cotton
Tecniche di lavorazione: "A pibiònes", "a rànu", "a beltighitta", "a soprariccio" weaving techniques
Dimensioni: Length 155 cm; width 88 cm
Località di produzione: Dorgali

Settore: Webbing

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