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"Modesto" carpet and pillows

The artefact

Fabrics of daily use are employed with balanced composition in the carpet and into the cushions of the Modesto collection. Designed by the Pertre Studio, the collection takes up and transmits as accurately as possible the process the precious simplicity that characterizes some of the most popular textile industry of Sardinia tradition. Artifacts are made with Sardinian sheep's wool, the yarns are dyed with plant essences, and crafted using traditional techniques, such as aramu and a pibiones.


Materiali: Sardinian wool, Cotton
Dimensioni: Larghezza cm 195; Lunghezza cm 250
Località di produzione: Samugheo

Artigiano: Mariantonia Urru
Settore: Webbing

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Tools: Dandy loom
Materials: Sardinian wool Cotton