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"Shepherd with dog" plate

The artefact

The elaborate composition of the decorative plate features the rural scene of a shepherd sitting at rest, surrounded by the circular sequence of his flock. Crafted on the original design by master ceramist Paolo Loddo, the precious plate collects and reinterprets the ancient traditions of Dorgali ceramic tradition. The version crafted by his daughter, a sign of precious affection, is made following the original relief techniques and wax staining.


Materiali: Clay, Tin-glazing
Tecniche di lavorazione: Moulding, Ceramic glazing
Dimensioni: Diametro cm 37
Località di produzione: Dorgali

Artigiano: Ceramiche Loddo
Settore: Ceramics

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Crafting technique: Moulding Ceramic glazing
Materials: Clay Tin-glazing