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"A date" carpet

The artefact

This cotton and Sardinia wool carpet features a bright colour composition, with prevalent yellow-earth and magenta, applied to the traditional a date decoration, a band motif with a geometrical pattern inspired by local tradition, available in different designs, each of which labelled with a specific name. These carpets are decorated with arrow, honeycomb and palm patterns. The carpet is woven on a flat hand-loom, crafted following the local all’antiga technique, with a vibrant combination of colours, warm orange and brown shades on the back and a many-coloured decoration on top.


Materiali: Cotton, Sardinian wool
Tecniche di lavorazione: "A un indente" weaving technique
Dimensioni: Length cm 182; Width cm 60
Località di produzione: Aggius

Settore: Webbing

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