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Pierfranco Monni

  • The hexagonal box is part of the collection made by extrusion processing and it includes a top lid, open at the sides to display two valuable ceramic beads. Made with sophisticated and minimalist skill of compositional elements, it is conceived as an artistic object and fine jewelry box.

  • The precious traditional costume button of Oliena inspires the exclusive shapes of this shiny glazed ceramic lamp base. The objet d'art of great identity value includes detailed components of filigree, transforming and enhancing them in greater size.

  • The organic shape and faded colors suggest references to places and marine atmospheres. It belongs to the collection of objects made by hand, in which the designer's inspiration follows the natural inclination of the material.

  • The long ceramic tray with minimal lines and pasty glazing collects the essential figure of a pure gold fish, like the precious discovery of a prehistoric fossil. Handmade, it is part of a creative project that allows different variations on several pieces of furniture.

  • It recalls the hypnotic suggestions of mandala; this valuable wall lamp with vibrant turquoise enameling and fretwork elements is enhanced when fully illuminated.

The artisan

Pierfranco Monni is the creative mind of Intrigo design, an innovative ceramics workshop that combines quality craftsmanship with careful stylistic and functional design for the production of a limited series of furnishing and lighting accessories. Being the son of a well-known Sardinian artist and ceramist, Paolo Monni inherits the artistic sensibility of his father, combining expertise and design developed through a training course as an industrial designer carried out at the ISIA Institute of Faenza. Pierfranco is a versatile designer and his ongoing research is based on the contamination of techniques and materials and innovative experimentation that includes different craft sectors. His laboratory, with over fifty years of experience, is a recognized point of the reference for architects, designers, commercial and accommodation activities that wish to stand out with unique high-quality products.

The collection

His production is characterized by the variety of collections that follow constant experimentation and research pathways, often in synergy with specific customer requirements. There is a wide range of lighting elements, original shapes and particular care for functional aspects. This is accompanied by the production of furniture accessories, practical and decorative objects of great visual impact, which constantly maintain the high level of craftsmanship and contemporary taste for stylistic design with new ideas and concepts.

The technique

The artifacts are made using different methodologies, in line with the philosophy of continuous research and experimentation that characterizes the laboratory, starting from strictly traditional techniques of hand-molding and molding, decorated with slips, glazes and plastic applications, and the use of innovative technologies such as 3D modeling and digital printing with pigments for pottery decoration.

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Where to find them

Studio Intrigo di Pierfranco Monni G.Leopardi, 32/34 07026 Olbia (OT)


Telefono: +39 0789 68003

Sito web: