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  • It is part of the Romanica collection; the ceramic pot is characterized by geometric decorations inspired by the black and white striped pattern of the Romanesque architecture, with contemporary taste.

  • The shape and geometric two-color decoration reinterpret the decorations and charm of Romanesque architectural found in Sardinia.

  • The elegant shape and the original polychrome lozenges pattern of the lamp base are inspired by and reflect the dome of the Church of San Michele, richly decorated with colored tiles and is symbol of the city of Alghero.

  • Irregular and sinuous shapes, decorated with balanced geometric compositions, featuring the original and elegant collection of handmade ceramic vases.

  • They are inspired by the precious and ancient charm of circular decorations of the elegant ceramic plates, ornamental interpretation of architectural details taken from the most beautiful churches of Sardinia: S. Vittoria di Thiesi, S.

The artisan

The origins of the Entos pottery workshop turns out to be the compelling story of archaeologists and talented craftsmen Cristina Lisci and Giovanna Mura, creators of exclusive ceramics of a deep cultural value.  Inspired by the finds of medieval and Renaissance ceramics during excavation activities, they undertake a training program that took them into the heart of Italian ceramic manufactoring areas, Moltelupo Fiorentino, where they experienced the creation of artifacts getting objects that express suggestions of an educated past. Every production is a project that blends the knowledge of the territory and its history to manual skills, to create artifacts that reproduce, hint and reinterpreted the cultural heritage of Sardinia with a moder touch. The dynamic activities of Entos integrate into the territory with the design of cultural services directed to the dissemination and promotion of ceramics through scientific advice, education and training activities which may include laboratory phases. 

The collection

The production of Entos consists of several matching lines of pottery for table settings and furnishing accessories such as vases, decorative plates and lamp bases.  Each collection has a different subject and inspiration. The A regola d’arte and Romanica collections are inspired and reinterpret architectural elements of the most beautiful churches of Sardinia with compositional skill.   Medioevo in tavola and Rinascimento in tavola collections include exclusive reproductions of Tuscan ceramic pottery production, widely distributed in the territory and distinctive local Sardinian history during the Pisan  period. The Colori dell’isola collection offers a diverse range of pottery characterized by imaginative and lively polychrome decorations.  

The technique

The potters use mainly the lathe to create high-quality pottery and other artifacts that are decorated later with total enamel and brush with any engraved design phases only on the enamel. For culinary use, the electric pottery oven is used.

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Where to find them

Entos Via Sardegna 242 07030 Santa Maria Coghinas (SS)


Telefono: +39 079 9948647

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