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Serafina Senette

  • It offers a personal reinterpretation of a typically Eastern motif by applying the "annodata" technique. Characterized by a balanced and modular composition, it may be customized in size and colour.

  • The wave-like winding geometric figures and sophisticated warm colours characterize the large rug with a modern design. Made of Sardinia wool following the "piana" weaving technique, it is available in different sizes, suitable for several different rooms.

  • The motif used in the large carpet offers a contemporary interpretation of the archaic Nuragic warrior stick figure, based on the design created by Dorgali artist Mario Spanu, specifically created for the Serafina Senette's workshop in Dorgali.

  • It is inspired by the local traditional wooden chests, decorated following the intaglio technique, with a personal interpreteattion of  the Chimeras motif, applied to the compositional taste of the central module and in the laeral borders of the large rug.

  • The large Sardinian wool carpet features vivid colours and 3D details through the original use of the to mat and annodata techniques. Graphic relief signs overlap defined geometric patterns with in bright colour contrasts.

The artisan

Serafina Senette, a weaver from Dorgali, opened her workshop in 1980 under the eloquent name of "Il Tappeto (i.e., the carpet), where she started working with passion and sincere inspiration, weaving carpets with the original annodata technique, typical of the local modern history and a unique experience in the present context. She also crafts the more robust  mat fabrics with originality and expertise, and the traditional pibiones products. Her creations are charming unique pieces and are characterised by the high artistic value, also thanks to the frequent collaborations with artists and designers. The production obtained is of great visual impact, characterized by vivid colors and designs with large modules and by the skillful use of weaving techniques which give these precious works a three-dimensional effect. The artisan cultivates and enhances her great passion for weaving participating in major artistic weaving courses and sector-specific trade shows.

The collection

The production is characterized by the collection of carpets with their connotative value and a sheer contemporary taste, handmade following the annodata technique and the tessitura piana technique, with their personal variations and combinations. She also produces a series of tapestries, which are the expression of a deep artistic sensitivity and technical expertise. The refined production of fabrics and soft furnishings, such as curtains, pillows, blankets and towels, made of linen and cotton, are crafted on an horizontal loom with following the apibiones technique. All production can be customized in size and combination of designs and colors.

The technique

The textile workshop is equipped with manual looms on which the large carpets are woven, following the ghiordes knot, and the mat techniques, using Sardinian wool and natural cotton. On the artisan horizontal looms fabrics, with the precious Sardinian-inspired motifs, hand-made with the local pibiones technique are produced. 

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Where to find them

Il Tappeto di Serafina Senette Piazza Giorgio Asproni, 22 08022 Dorgali (NU)


Telefono: +39 0784 95202.