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  • Hand-made leather and silver anthropomorphous pendant inspired by the traditional Mamoida's mamuthones masks.

  • Hand-made leather anthropomorphous masks crafted on wooden moulds. They are copies of mamuthones's viseras. Available in different sizes.

  • Wooden bottle cases crafted and decorated with different traditional objects, such as mamuthones, bronze statuettes and objects inspired by the shepherds' traditions.

  • This wooden and leather mask is crafted by engraving an anthropomorphic figure, a faithful copy of mamuthones' viseras. It is available in different sizes and leather finishings. Wearable.

  • Hand-crafted leather and resin mask, shaped on a wooden mould. This anthopomorphous object is a faithful copy of mamuthones's viseras. It is available in different sizes and also leather-refined, to be worn.

The artisan

Satodà is a Sardinian company founded in 1997 in Mamoiada (Sardinia), a territory of ancient cultural traditions, art and crafts. What used to be Sandro Cadinu's creative personal interest, turned into his main activity, with passion and perseverance. In his workshop he creates unique and personalized objects, through the use of various manual techniques, meeting specific needs with a flexible approach. Each product features small differences and unique characteristics, underscoring his skills.

The collection

Of all this craftsman's production, only the evocative Sas Visieras collection is reported in this site, including faithful copies of the traditional Mamoiada mamuthones masks, which are made of leather, wood and resin, available in different sizes: wearable large ones, and smaller precious pieces of jewellery to be used as pendants. In his workshop, the craftsman manufactures a wide and flexible range of products, including custom-made furnishings and original accessories.

The technique

The processing of leather and resin masks is carried out by carefully shaping the materials on the wooden moulds created by the craftsman. Other masks are carved on wood. The artisan uses all joinery techniques with great skill, including the design of the object, its construction and its inlay decoration.

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Where to find them

Satodà di Sandro Cadinu Via IV Novembre, 18 08024 Mamoiada (NU)


Telefono: +39 329 0662493

Sito web: