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Alessandro Lai

  • The figure of the little horse is tastefully depicted in a sensitive plastic pose in this raku ceramic sculpture featuring fine chromatic effects.

  • The profile of a mining landscape, story of a recent past that still characterises the environment where this ceramist lives because of the buildings of industrial archaeology, is realised using the refined naked raku technique in a fine design in this decorative panel made up of three m

  • Tiny houses inspired by the buildings of the old towns of the Sulcis region. They are different from each other since they are hand-crafted into single unique pieces. Available in different shapes and sizes, they take us back to the most authentic archaic Sardinia.

  • The archaic figures of the Archer, of the Tribal Chief and of the Warrior, taken from the Nuragic civilisation, are tastefully reinterpreted in these ceramic sculptures, embellished by the original colour rendering of the surfaces obtained through personalised reduction

  • The refined small goats sculptures realised using the evocative naked raku technique have stylised shapes and differing decorations.

The artisan

The Alessandro Lai's love for pottery began with a passionate and thorough understanding of the ancient pottery of Sardinia, which led to experience a self-taught colombino (coiling) technique with technical and formal solutions inspired by  pre-Nuragic cultures. His artistic studies and his technical expertise allowed him to open his suggestive studio in the center of Iglesias. His personal approach to ceramics is made of theoretical research and practical experimentation. His professional skills are enriched through lathe-forming, while his personal research path led him to experiment the Naked Raku technique, that characterizes some of his most original productions.

The collection

The productions by Alessandro Lai include both tableware and decorative objects. The "Sa Mustra" collection includes of dishes and containers, lathe-made and characterized by customized motifs, such as lapwings. It also includes objects of refined aesthetic taste: small toy houses depicting picturesque views, barbaricino carnival masks inspired by ancestral rites, refined small goats, panels dedicated to mining architectures.

The technique

The processing techniques characterize the different collections: the lathe work is dedicated to the dishes, decorated with graffiti, slips, coloured with oxides and coated with unleaded yellow glaze. The Naked Raku technique, through the implementation of specific technical actions, creates interesting effects of light and shade, applied to goats and decorative tiles, while the houses and the masks are shaped by hand and baked in a kiln fuelled with wood.

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Where to find them

Ceramiche Alessandro Lai Via Satta, 23 09016 Iglesias (CI)


Telefono: +39 338 9102798