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Fernando Mussone Arredo e Arte

  • Two typical female figures of the local tradition, s’attitadora and s’accabadora, are depicted with dynamic and sinuous stylisation in these absolute black granite sculptures crafted with a fine artisanal and artistic touch.

  • Inspired by the archaic figure of the Mother Goddess of Nuragic culture, the two marble sculptures are crafted with fine technical mastery and distinctive artistic stylisation, the result of intense creative experience. Designed as one-off creations, they are individually inspired.

  • The figure of the Sardinian bandit, su bandidu, drawn from local history, is portrayed with force and synthesis of shapes in the skilfully sculpted artefact in absolute black marble and basalt. Produced as one-off creations, each item features unique stylistic details.

  • The two inventively stylised Motherhood and Laundress sculptures are a genuine tribute to the famous artist Maria Lai, as they are inspired by her artworks.

  • Inspired by the archaic figures of Nuragic culture, the three sculptures of the Warrior, Archer and Bull God are sculpted with fine distinctive stylisation in Orosei marble. Produced as one-off creations, each of them has original stylistic details and inspiration.

The artisan

With his sophisticated artistic and artisanal stone working craft, Fernando Mussone explores various themes and expressive forms related to the tradition and identity of the island. His excellent sculptures, which are wisely realised, range from artworks to home décor items to carved artefacts cut into architectural elements. With a natural talent for art and design, his first creative steps were as a painter, he then found his ideal expressive medium in stone crafting, thanks to which he adds versatile inventiveness to his craft. He works enthusiastically in his spacious workshop in the picturesque countryside of Illorai, in central Sardinia, realising a production that combines artistic elements and home décor.

The collection

The stone artefacts by Fernando Mussone Arredo e Arte count a distinctive line of chiefly artistic sculptures in various sizes, which express his creative and stylistic path with personal and easily recognisable features, revealing the strong ties to and the themes of the culture and tradition of the island. In addition, a line of home décor accessories is produced with fine artisanal techniques and excellent style, characterised by a distinctive artistic trait in the sculptural details. Interior and exterior architectural elements such as arches, architraves and stone pillars with elegant, exclusive carvings, décor accessories and coordinated furnishing items for homes and shops are always characterised by quality craftsmanship and unique original artistic design.

The technique

Fernando Mussone uses both modern stone crafting technologies and manual tools, which characterise his fine artefacts featuring artisanal and artistic traits.

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Type of artefact: Copriletti e Coperte

Where to find them

Illorai Via Montes, 4 Illorai (SS)


Telefono: +39 079 792658; 328 4886884

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