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Giampiero Bitti B&B Arredamento

  • The bedside table in ash wood, with two drawers and a simple structure, is characterised by the fine insert of woven fabric crafted according to the “flamed” technique typical of the textile tradition of Nule.

  • The large trays, produced as unique pieces which differ in colour and variety of wood, are characterised by the high-quality mosaic crafting of wood and by the insert of woven fabric, a highly decorative element that reproduces and innovates the motives typical of the local textile tradition.

  • The original double bed headboard, with a fine, simple ash wood structure, is characterised by the richly varicoloured inserts of woven fabric, prestigious artefacts that represent a skilfully crafted collection of decorative motifs drawn from the local textile tradition.

  • This original and elegant coffee table with masterly mosaic work combining the fine colour effects of different varieties of wood features sophisticated geometric shapes enriched by an insert in loom woven fabric, a distinctive feature of the new B&B line of this artisanal carpenter’s shop.

  • This excellent solid square coffee table with mosaic work combining the elegant colour effects of different varieties of wood features a fine design with large geometric shapes on the central stone in granite.

The artisan

The production of Giampiero Bitti’s B&B artisanal carpenter’s workshop is characterised by the excellent manufacture and the original reinterpretation of traditional elements of the local culture. His activity builds on the legacy of a long experience, which has been handed down from father to son in his family since 1934, when his grandfather opened his carpenter’s workshop in Nule, a small town of Goceano, in central Sardinia, renowned for its ancient and distinctive craft traditions. Giampiero inherited and started learning the techniques and secrets of the trade from a very young age from his father Eugenio. He thus carried on the family craft, which so far has reached, with him and his brother Marco, its third generation. The most recent line of this carpenter’s workshop consists of solid furniture with careful finishing touches, characterised by elegant mosaic effects obtained with woods of different colours, which are harmoniously combined with prized and colourful “flamed” fabrics, entirely handcrafted according to the typical loom weaving technique of Nule. In the large and well-equipped workshop where not only woodworking but also exhibition areas are arranged in spacious rooms, a variety of handicraft activities are carried out daily for a clientele appreciative of both quality materials and the first-class manufacture.

The collection

The carpenter’s workshop produces a distinctive line of furniture which stands out for its original style featuring the combination of refined pieces of furniture with elegant lines with fine colourful inserts of typical Nule artisanal woven fabrics. The delicate style used to revive the fine local handicraft characterises the tables, wardrobes, sideboards, coordinated furniture for bedrooms and doors produced. This carpenter’s workshop carries out every kind of woodwork for architecture and decoration, wooden doors and window frames, exterior and interior doors, parquet, stairs and any kind of custom-made furniture is realised with the utmost care and customisation using a wide range of high quality materials.

The technique

In this large and well-equipped carpenter’s shop all the handicraft techniques for the creation and customisation of products and furniture, using high quality wood and paints are performed, and the utmost care is given to the finishing details.

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Type of artefact: Arredamento in legno

Where to find them

Nule Strada Provinciale Nule - Bitti Km 0,5 07010 Nule (SS)


Telefono: +39 079 798013

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