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Fabrizio Loi

  • This exclusive jack knife, decorated in its refined parts with brilliants, has a 420 steel Iglesiente blade and chestnut burl handle with silver plates and a back-lock system.

  • This refined gold brooch revives with aesthetic precision and technical virtuosity the upper side of a common type of traditional button used with the costume for women of various areas in Sardinia.

  • The elegant Margherita (daisy) brooch taken from the traditional costume for women, renowned for the beautiful shape and exquisite refined filigree, is crafted with technical virtuosity in gold, pearls and garnet.

  • L'esclusivo coltello chiudibile, impreziosito nelle pregiate forme con motivi di brillanti, ha lama di tipo Iglesiente in acciaio 420 e manico in radica di castagno con placche in argento e meccanica di blocco a pompa.

  • This leather wristband-bracelet, skilfully decorated with a silver plaque with the unique symbolism of the Bull God taken from the archaic Nuragic culture, has an impressive aesthetic impact and contemporary taste.

The artisan

Fabrizio Loi creates elegant high-quality jewellery and knives. This goldsmith and knife maker has an innate talent and refined aesthetic sense which are clearly a distinctive trait of his work. Fabrizio’s creativity addresses two of the most ancient crafts of Sardinian tradition, jewellery and knife making, bearing archaic references to Sardinian culture with technical virtuosity which combine elegant shapes and high functionality. His training began in the most effective and traditional way, at the workshops of skilled filigree goldsmiths in Cagliari, distinguishing himself from the very start for his technical skills and creative bent. In 2008 he set up his showroom/workshop in the historic centre of Iglesias where he works with tireless professionalism, innovating forms and techniques thanks to his personal research that enables him to explore and develop the art of the Sardinian knife with excellent results. His demanding clientele, mainly collectors, contributes to this craftsman’s research for absolute perfection in the study of exclusive aesthetics, in the search for materials, in the realisation of impeccable mechanics: well-known qualities of his precious and diversified production.

The collection

Fabrizio Loi’s creations interpret both the art of the goldsmith and that of the Sardinian knife, starting from tradition and culminating in sophisticated minimal contemporary objects. His jewellery collections include an exclusive contemporary line of bracelets and necklaces that reinterpret Nuragic symbolism, such as the Dio Toro - Bull God - Mother Goddess and the Nuragic shield, finely crafted in gold and silver elegantly combined with leather, fabric and cork. In addition to the contemporary line there is also a filigree production of skilfully crafted traditional jewellery. The collection of knives includes the typical jack knives: the renowned Pattadese, the Arburese with a laurel leaf-shaped blade, the Logudorese, the Iglesiente line, which is extremely elegant with its blunt-end blade, and a sophisticated line of highly functional kitchen knives.

The technique

Many techniques are adopted. The blades are crafted using the techniques of removal, damascening, tempering, while the handles are crafted according to the material used. Jewels are crafted featuring openwork and granulated filigree, beading, setting, micro fusion, goldsmith traditional techniques, burnishing, embossing and chiselling to decorate, as well as hammering and engraving.

Where to find them

Fabriezio Loi Via Cagliari, 17 09016 Iglesias (CI)


Telefono: +39 0781 876155

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