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Antonello Spanu

  • Bridle made of black leather with contrasting red stitching and buckles to adjust the size. Skilfully handcrafted, it is produced in combination with other saddlery such as various bridles and stirrup leathers.

  • Chintoglia is the fine leather belt of the traditional Sardinian costume for men, which reproduces the typical motif of Lula.

  • The mastrinu boots, made in cowhide leather with a robust rubber sole faithfully revive the traditional shepherds’ boots. Entirely handcrafted in selected leather with double stitched seams, they represent the craftsman’s precision and mastery.

  • A young clientele especially appreciates s’istaca, the leather backpack traditionally used by shepherds and hunters to carry food and small tools.

  • Su nerviu, a leather-covered riding crop with interlacing and various geometric effects obtained by juxtaposing different colours. Handcrafted using quality leather, it is produced as a unique item with ever-changing manufacturing details.

The artisan

Antonello Spanu’s artisanal leather production masterly preserves a unique ancient tradition characterised by the functionality and value of handcrafting, strongly linked to the identity and rural culture of the island. In his workshop in Lula, a village in Barbagia, in central Sardinia, Antonello realises artefacts that evoke the solidity of the past, reviving the accessories of men’s clothing, both for work and special occasions, made of leather and hide. These materials are, indeed, both still much used and appreciated in the pastoral context rooted in the ancient traditions of the island, and characterised by contemporary taste. Antonello learned from his father Gavino the leather processing techniques when he was very young. He devoted himself to carrying on the family craft, first by taking up the craft of his grandfather, who was an expert shoemaker, and then by specialising in the complex realisation of the scarpone mastrinu (mastrinu boot), the typical footwear used by shepherds when working in the fields and hunting, which is entirely handcrafted. In 1996 he set up his own artisanal workshop, where he produces clothing accessories faithful to tradition, using high-quality materials. A dynamic and enterprising person, he works in his well-equipped and versatile workshop where he can satisfy every request from his clientele, sensitive to the quality of leather and of manufacture.

The collection

Antonello Spanu realises a refined line of leather accessories featuring the finest materials and craftsmanship. Boots, gaiters, backpacks, bags and belts, harness for horses and accessories for shooting, crafted in leather and hide, stand out for the pleasing minimal style that elegantly recalls the identity of the island. He also skilfully works as a shoemaker.

The technique

Antonello Spanu realises his artefacts according to artisanal cutting and tailoring procedures using a wide range of machinery, starting from the choice of leather up to the smallest finishing touches.

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Type of artefact: Decorative leather objects

Where to find them

Via Municipio 2 08020 Lula (NU)

Telefono: +39 0784 416797

Sito web: