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Francesco Balvis

  • The jewelry key-lock box dispays an elegant inlay decoration. This precious and fine personal piece is made of walnut and ash wook and dispays with different decorations.

  • With its refined shapes and elaborate profile, the coffee table is decorated with geometric motifs that merge the colours of different types of wood, such as walnut, mahogany, rose, lime and others.

  • Ha linee eleganti ed elaborata decorazione a tarsia il cofanetto portagioie con chiusura a chiave. Prezioso oggetto personale, di pregiata manifattura, è realizzato in legno di noce e frassino con decorazione sempre differente.

  • The fine wooden chopping board is crafted as a single piece, incorporating skilfully a traditional Sardinian model embellished with an intaglio decoration.

  • The precious and scenic chair incorporates a traditional model of Spanish origin. It is hand-crafted with sophisticated and rich decoration carved in low relief and its seat is handmade with straw.

The artisan

The  Ziranu & Balvis joinery is now managed by Francesco Balvi but it was founded in 1960 by Giovanni Ziranu, a expert and skilled carpenter. Giovanni combines classical joinery techniques, acquired from a reputable carpenter working in Nuoro: the traditional intaglio and inlay techniques mastered at a workshop in Orani. He diligently passed his knowledge to his grandson Francesco, who as a boy showed a passion for crafting, spending his summer vacations at his uncles' joinery. In 2001, he took over the management of the company, expanding production and refining the techniques according to modern standards. Traditional joinery techniques and carving help him meet the needs of a modern clientele, attentive to the needs of modern life-style but still interested in keep a connection with the rich and cultured local tradition.

The collection

The production combines traditional furnishings to a more modern taste: small and precious objects featuring a refined décor are available in addition to a wide range of furniture, tables, systems and customized furniture, always characterized by high quality and care. Over the years the  Ziranu & Balvis joinery has developed considerable expertise in the design and implementation of matching furnishings for homes, offices, commercial and accommodation facilities.

The technique

In the workshop, he performes all classical joinery techniques with modern systems of fabrication and assembly, and he skilfully crafts intaglio and inlay decorations. He uses his skills during all phases, starting from the preliminary design to the finishing of the product.

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Where to find them

Falegnameria Ziranu di Balvis Francesco Via Gonare, 25 08028 Orani (NU)


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