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Giuliana Satta

The artisan

To Giuliana Satta, glass blowing and processing is part of a personal non-stop growth path that goes hand-in-hand with the technical and stylistic research. Charmed by shapes and colors since she was a child, she focused her artistic training after graduating at the Istituto d'Arte di Sassari on pictorial decoration skills. The initial approaches to glass decoration proved to be fundamental, at the beginning of a passionate creative path that was consolidated by learning fusing, completed with the studies conducted in Veneto. From an experience managing natural areas, an enthralling journey within nature began, and particularly at the Asinara National Park, which stimulated the artistic creativity of the artisan, becoming the muse inspiring her Insula collection. In her workshop, Magia del vetro, since 2001 she has reinterpreted the shapes and colours of the island landscapes, the transparency of the sea, the sunlight on the sand and on the dirt.

The collection

The production includes a wide range of furnishings made using glass fusion and inspired by the nature of the Asinara Island: Insula is the collection of objects where the artisan offers a perspective on the virgin seascape.  In addition, there are furnishings such as stained glass windows, coffee tables and other supporting elements made of thick glass. The production is completed with a glass jewelry collection, delicate and precious jewelry, with an elegant and original taste.

The technique

In the workshop, fusing, Tiffany, hot- and cold-glazing techniques are implemented, and also the "a lume" technique.

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Where to find them

Magie Del Vetro Via Nervi 2 07046 Porto Torres (SS)


Telefono: +39 079 501894