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Arte Tessile by Sanna Anna Maria & Co.

The artisan

Arte Tessile was founded by Anna Maria Sanna in 1968 in Samugheo, a village in the Barbagia Mandrolisai area, lying in a charming natural environment and home to a deeply rooted artisan tradition in the field of weaving. Today it is managed with skills and professionalism by siblings Giuseppe e Graziella and by her daughter-in-law Luigia; the company specialising over time on a wide range of products for the hotel sector and in line with the contemporary taste. Her production evolved from local tradition, protecting original pattern and techniques, to modern systems to boost production capacity, maintaining the preciousness and quality of manufacture. In her large workshop in Samugheo, she offers a wide collection of products, exhibited and sold also in her showroom in Santa Teresa di Gallura.

The collection

Arte tessile offers a wide range of fabrics and furnishings, standing out for its high ability to customize production. The elegant matching linen sets for the bedroom are designed primarily for accommodation facilities and consist of drapes, bedspreads, headboards, bedside rugs, cushions and lamps, available in different colours, which complement the wide range of table and bath sets. In addition to fabrics, carpets of various sizes, woven following the pibiones tutto pieno e semipieno techniques, are characterized by traditional or contemporary patterns. In addition to textile productions, over time a collection of upholstered furniture has been added, in particular sofas, both simple and sophisticated which combine fabrics on the outside, with wood and wrought iron frames.

The technique

Weaving is realized on semimechanic looms following the pibiones technique in its tuttopieno and semipieno variants. The textile workshop is equipped with twisting machines for the preparation of the yarns to be used for weaving. 

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Where to find them

Arte Tessile di Sanna Anna Maria e C. Z.I. Località Turruia 09086 Samugheo (OR)


Telefono: +39 0783 64475

Sito web: