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Pianeta Sardegna by Assunta Pietrina Congiu

The artisan

Assunta Pietrina Congiu began her artistic career at the State Institute of Art in Oristano, focusing mostly on ceramic art, inspired by her mother, thus recovering the traditions of her Oristano family, studying and experimenting different techniques. Very much interested in the archaic culture of Sardinia, she uses the material medium to revive, in an innovative way, symbols of civilization and Nuragic and Pre-Nuragic cultures. In her studio located in Cagliari, the artisan is also willing to exchange views about the influences that inspire her work. Assunta Pietrina Congiu has collaborated with fellow artisans and designers, combining artistic sensibilities and skills, with the aim to enhance her personal and artistic creations. She participates in national and international exhibitions and fairs. Her collections are appreciated by jeweler's shops and boutiques selling arts and crafts.

The collection

They include lucky charms, modelled and hand-painted ceramic jewels. These unique and precious objects feature creative research and a careful study of symbolism. Different details are featured in her pendants, inspired by archaic cults such as the Mother Goddess, a symbol of fertility, or the bull, su boe, a symbol of strength and virility. Pendants featuring motifs inspired by the iconographic traditional repertoire consisting have different inspirations. The flower of life is a reinterpretation of the intaglio rosette used on hope chests, while others recall the compositions of traditional filigree jewels and stones, full of auspicious connotations and bringing good luck.

The technique

Entirely hand-crafted, the jewels are characterized by the brilliance of the decorations, crafted with a "third fire" technique and by the glazes, the tin-glazes and the mother of pearl, further embellished with light brushstrokes of bright 12% gold and platinum.

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Where to find them

Pianeta Sardegna Via Macerata, 6 Cagliari (CA)


Telefono: +39 3461846477