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Gruppo interno by Rosaura Sanna

The artisan

Dominant turquoise and minimal forms characterize Rosaura Sanna's style, who uses traditional means to express her creative nature as a ceramic artist. Trained at the Accademia di Belle Arti in sculpture, she conceives the artifact as a balanced project of function and the creative gesture. She rolls clay with a rolling pin and decorates her creations with moulds, just like women used to do with bread dough. Using clay sheets, she cuts out geometric shapes. She then moves, bends, crumples them and, finally bakes them into vibrant shapes, into objects of daily use imbued with an unusual touch. She exhibits her creations, made in her studio in Nuoro, in the main local handicrafts shops and trade shows and other sector events in Sardinia, Europe and overseas.

The collection

Her production includes various furnishings and tableware. The artifacts created with irregular shapes and solid contrasting colours, are characterized by original aesthetic solutions and balanced lines, always different from one another. By underscoring the typical appearance of traditional artefacts, the craftsman creates coordinated objects, which are still different from each other, with different shapes to create original ceramic food containers.

The technique

The potter mostly uses white clay, rolled into plates and then shaped manually. She impresses decorations by means of moulds, and covers ceramic surfaces with craclè coloured glazes. She mostly uses solid turquoise, combining objects of this colour and others featuring brown, moss green, burgundy and white surfaces.

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Where to find them

Gruppo Interno di Sanna Rosaura Via Pietrino Guiso Pilo, 51- Pratosardo lotto 71 08100 Nuoro (NU)

E-mail: gruppointerno@tiscali it

Telefono: +39 3402603981