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Coltelleria Is Lunas

  • Single-piece engraved handle jack knife featuring a grained bay leaf-shaped blade. The artefact is both a collector's piece, refined during the manufacturing and the sharpening phases, and a knife of daily use. It is entirely hand-made; its shape is inspired by a hunting scene.

  • Single-piece handle jack knife with a bay leaf-shaped blade. Typical of Sardinian tradition, it is the result of an in-depth research on Medio Campidano country knives, suitable as a kitchen knife or a skinning tool.

  • This traditional pattadese core-reinforced jack knife features a handmade blade and a stainless steel core and a mutto horn handle, equipped with a hand-chamfered nickel silver ring.

  • This jack knife features a exquisitely refined single-piece handle and a bay leaf-shaped blade, made of stainless steel. The handle is made of mutton horn and a hand-chamfered nickel silver ring. The piece is inspired  by an in-depth study of local nature and fauna.

  • This core-reinforced straight blade jack knife is typical of a Sardinian tradition called campidanese. It is the result of a study on Medio Campidano knives, similar to the pattadese models used by shepherds.

The artisan

The Is Lunas company was founded in 2001 following Aniceto Pistis' passion for Sardinian knives, resulting in high quality and the original artefacts. His deep knowledge of the world of Sardinian knives is the result of the trade experience gained over time, that allowed him to learn the technical and use details, which have always characterised these symbols of ancient cultures. The heartfelt desire to preserve technical characteristics and tradition, combined with great passion and clear artistry, brought the craftsman to create an exclusive line of collectible knives, the result of the study of raw materials used to craft handles, decorated with unique patterns.

The collection

The collection includes various types of Sardinian knives available in different versions: slaughter or skinning knives, jack knives or fixed blade models, whihc include the original  campidaneseknife, a model designed by him featuring a narrow blade. The traditional production is accompanied by a wide and unique collection dedicated to collector's artistic knives. While protecting traditional procedures, the company is able to meet different and specific requests of the regional, domestic and international  market.

The technique

The company pays great attention to the decoration of the handles and that the crafting of the blade, made of the best types of steel. The knife metal ring is made of nickel silver and steel, embellished by a hand-made chamfering. The creation of the single piece is the result of the study of the materials used for the handle, usually mutton, buffalo or deer horn, engraved or high relief decorated, and enriched with precious mountings. The blade is forged and tempered, engraved or embossed by hand.

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Where to find them

Coltelleria Is Lunas di Tuveri Beatrice e C. Via Umberto I, 56 09020 Villanovaforru (VS)


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