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S.G.S by Sergio Serra

  • Featuring an intaglio decoration of a rose on the back, these chairs are inspired by Sardinian tradition and ara available in two fine versions. Designed as precious table chairs, they are handmade in individual pieces using cedar wood with a fine seat intertwined by hand.

  • It is inspired by the heartfelt knowledge and the skilful craftsmanship of this Sardinian chair, carefully decorated with a carved palm motif on the back.

  • The chestnut high quality and timeless charm artifact features technical mastery and the precious decoration of the traditional Sardinian wedding chest.

  • The linear shapes and precious decorations in the bed headboard made of cedar wood, decorated with the precious motif inspired by Sardinian tradition of the carved rosette with lapwings, painted with several coats which highlights the wood grain and the precious decorations.

  • It is decorated with the precious "hollow rose" carved motif, inspired by the local tradition, the elegant table painted with several coats designed to highlight the wood grain and the precious decorations. Made entirely by hand, it is part of the bedroom collection.

The artisan

At his artisan furniture workshop, Sergio Serra carries on a family tradition of valuable skills handed down for four generations. Founded in 1898 by his great-grandfather Giuseppe, the business has established itself in the local territory as an exclusive producer of traditional furniture, consisting of a few fine pieces of furniture characterized by a distinctive repertoire including carved decorative motifs. During the Nineties, the workshop, after a century-long activity, oved from the center of Mogoro to the new new artisan neighboring area, enlarging its facility equipped with cutting-edge technology. Today, production includes a wide range of furniture and furnishings for homes and accommodation facilities, retaining the distinctive traditional trait and the technical mastery of execution in the intaglio decorations that reinterpret in a modern touch, the ancient codes of a language acquired through a high-quality transfer of skills from father to son.

The collection

The company produces a line of traditional furniture, called Arte Sarda, consisting of traditional chests, benches, chairs, tables and sideboards, finely carved following the principles of an ancient family tradition. In addition, a wide range of furniture and customised furnishings is available for all home rooms: kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom, both in classic style and a more contemporary interpretation of it. The company is also specialized in matching furniture for hotels, commercial and accommodation facilities.

The technique

The entire production has a craftsman's touch in all the production phases and the preparation of materials, the assembly, the finishing and the decoration. The distinctive intaglio technique is strictly handmade according to tradition.

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Where to find them

S.G.S di Serra Sergio Via dei Mestieri, 3 09095 Mogoro ()


Telefono: +39 0783 991886

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