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"Su prattu de cassa" pot

The artefact

It consists of two parts that fit together with each other tightly, almost closing su  prattu  de cassa, the hunter's platter, and is a sophisticated system to cook stew for meat. The original and elegant contoured shapes, decorated with hammered spirals, marteddadura a lisu, are combined with high functional performance, characterized by the maintenance of vapors during cooking that enhance the taste and flavor of the dishes. It is entirely handmade, fully tinned on the inside, and it comes in different sizes.


Materiali: Copper
Tecniche di lavorazione: Lavorazione tradizionale del rame in Sardegna
Dimensioni: Diametro cm 40
Località di produzione: Isili

Artigiano: Luigi Pitzalis
Settore: Metals

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Materials: Copper