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Traditional Su Lasu pendant

The artefact

A jewel typical of the Southern Campidano ladies' costume; it consists of three elements: the Su Froccu on top, the central Sa gioia section and the lower Su Dominu. This jewel was part of the brides' trousseaus and it was worn during official cerimonies. Rich with several symbols, the artefact is completely hand-made on a fretworked engraved gold plate; unlike the traditional model, it is decorated with filgree motifs and pearls, enbellished with precious red coral bezels.


Materiali: Gold, Pearls, Coral, shells and mother of pearl
Tecniche di lavorazione: Filigree, Beading, Engraving or etching
Dimensioni: Length cm 14; Width cm 6.5
Località di produzione: Villacidro

Settore: Jewels

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