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Lino Loi

  • The elegance of the decoration and refined colors characterize the ceramic coffee set consisting of sugar pot, cups and round tray.

  • The large platter features a reinterpreted stylised lapwing motif made of white ceramic and decorated with bright polychrome patterns. It is part of the Linea Tradizionale collection, characterized by traditional motifs typical of the workshop production.

  • The large glazed ceramic spaghetti bowl is part of the Linea Blu collection, a handicraft production of decorative ceramic dining set characterized by a lapwing motif, finely engraved and decorated with blue shades. Being a precious object, it matches plate sets and other tableware.

  • The fine and solid dining set is meant as a design set embellished with glazed ceramic plates, designed and decorated by hand. It consists of four elements: a flat plate, a soup plate, a fruit plate and a soup bowl, with a square version.

  • This elegant plate features different compositional forms, made of white ceramic and decorated with coral motifs. The lidded central container, originally intended as a rice bowl, may also be used as a platter, matching the rest of the plates.

The artisan

Lino Loi's laboratory of handmade pottery inherited and kept a family tradition of over fifty years. With major experience and expertise, the company produces on a daily basis original creations displaying skilful craftsmanship and sensitive reinterpretation of tradition. Visiting the impressive and extensive laboratory in Dorgali, the town renowned for the production of ceramics, you can see the craftsman and his collaborators decorators at work and see the alchemy of pottery-making at different stages.

The collection

The laboratory is distinguished by the production of modular services for dining sets and table decorations and characterized by different patterns of lines with polished or satin finish. Also a fine production of furnishings and art objects, such as vases and decorative plates, lamp bases, chandeliers, wall lamps and other outdoor decorative elements, is available. The wide range of products can be customized in their compositions and decorations.

The technique

In the large laboratory, traditional techniques are implemented to sheet, mold and lathe the objects. The accurate and detailed decoration is performed with glazes through immersion and brushing with engraved patterns. The enamels used are specific for culinary use. Baking is performed in suitable and large electric pottery furnaces.

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Where to find them

Ceramiche Lino Loi Viale Enrico Fermi, 76 08028 Dorgali (NU)


Telefono: 0784 94407

Sito web: