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Artigiantessile by Davide Spiga

The artisan

Since 2001 Davide Spiga has managed Artigiantessile , a dynamic company founded in 1960 by his mother Anna Maria, an expert and passionate weaver who has the intuition to turn her passion and competence in traditional loom weaving into a modern business. She crafts by combining traditional techniques and modern stylistic and functional solutions, to meet the requirements of contemporary market in terms of quality and sensitivity, applied to local identity. Davide developed a dynamic management model to be applied to workshop production, focusing on research for innovation and up-to-date solution to preserve quality craftsmanship but that can also be applied to large-scale production.

The collection

The production consists of several lines of rugs, featuring compositions that explore traditional motifs or innovative and contemporary designs, in addition to a wide selection of fabrics and furnishings that include curtains, bedspreads, pillows, tablecloths, towels and other home textiles. All productions can be customized, tailored to meet specific customer requirements through preliminary choices.

The technique

The workshop uses manual semi-mechanic frames for the manufacturing of carpets and fabrics of different use, mainly made with the a pibiones technique, crafted and available different tutto pieno and semipieno varieties, using threads of Sardinian wool, cotton and linen.

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Where to find them

Artigiantessile di Spiga Davide Via Carbonia, 27 09010 Villamassargia (CA)


Telefono: 0781 74059

Sito web: