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Antonello Puddu Mastr'e linna

  • These small crafted and decorated wooden chests are inspired by local tradition. They are available in vibrant colours and balanced lapwing motifs, and intaglio rosettes.

  • It is inspired by traditional iconography. It is made of chestnut, hand carved and painted with a many-coloured mark.

  • This wooden rocking horse is painted in blue, featuring small engravings and scarlet red decorations. This hand-made artefact is created by an imaginative and sensitive artist, designed for those who look for original approaches to the world of toys.

  • Scanno, the traditional household stool, is made of decorated wood, engraved and covered with straw. A timeless object, this piece is inspired by the traditional model, proposed in an original many-coloured version with a more contemporary touch.

  • Thsi chestnut chopping board, fully carved by hand, traditionally used to store and carry food, features simple and essential lines, with an explicit reference to the simple past.

The artisan

Since he was a child, Antonello Puddu has helped his father in his activity, combining the ancient local woodcraft tradition and modern design. His production stands out in artistic craftsmanship thanks to the originality of their furniture and engraved accessories, and the sophisticated collection of toys, which have been awarded important prizes. Thanks to his father's teachings, Antonello learnt the ancient art of carving and engraving, that he applies in particular to the faithful copies of traditional hope chests. His works are a tribute to tradition, which add consistent innovation to traditional craftsmanship.

The collection

His production includes artistic decorative objects, accessories and customised works, featuring the precious processes of traditional woodcraft. Antonello's main feature is the many-coloured decoration of this engravings, an innovative trait with respect to his father Giorgio's style, and particularly appreciated by his customers and those who love contemporary reinterpretaions of traditional objects. The peculiar collection of toys, shiny and functional products, is a perfect set of collector's pieces.

The technique

The workshop is characterised by a skilful use of his carving technique, performed with traditional chisels and gouges. He mostly use chestnut wood for his products. The most important phase of his work is the choice of the design tradizionali, sa mustra, when the artisan gives shape to his passion, knowledge and craft.

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Where to find them

Antonello Puddu “Mastr’e linna” Piazza Italia, 5 09134 Cagliari ()


Telefono: +39 347 183 9263

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