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"S'iscaccu" textile workshop

The artisan

Laboratorio Tessile S’Iscaccu, opened in 1995, includes three members with different vocational profiles and decades of experience in the industry. Skilled in the use of flat handlooms, with particular experience in heddle looms, they set their tools to weave specific fabrics. Being skilled artisans and experts of traditional motifs, they carry out their experimental work using alternative materials, such as chiffon and silk organza, and developing new crafting techniques. In their workshop in Bolotana, a village in the heart of Sardinia, in the Province of Nuoro, the artisans weave beautiful carpets with balanced compositions, including stylized elements and geometric patterns, each of which with its own name and meaning, items of the local jargon of local weavers. Specialized in the manufacturing of Sardinian home textile accessories and carpets, they have had several partnerships with local designers.

The technique

The raw materials used are wool, cotton, linen, either woven as warps or wefts, but also silk and cloth. The techniques used are the traditional a pettenedda, a rànu, a mustra, that is, traditional stitches with a deep contemporary touch.

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Where to find them

Laboratorio Tessile "S'iscaccu" Via Baddesalighes, 10 08011 Bolotana (NU)


Telefono: +39 340 2574625 - +39 347 9638150